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A Guide for Dubai Safari Park 2022 | Future Trip Experience

The Dubai Safari Park located within Al Warqa is an ecotourism park located in the United Arab Emirates. The park is a huge venture tourism initiative that was initially set up by Dubai Municipality and it’s a major source of solar power. It is located in Dubai. Safari park is situated at Al Warqa 5 on the Hatta Road with 3000 animals with over 250 species. Animals from the previous Dubai Zoo have been transferred to the park in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the park.

Dubai Safari Park is spread over 119 hectares. It is home to three thousand animals, which include 78 species of mammals, including 10 carnivores, 17 primates, 50 kinds of reptiles, 111 species of amphibians, and birds. Invertebrates from all over the globe, in their particular habitats. You can see Cheetah and lions, as well as elephants and giraffes, moon bears, giraffe’s camels, and many more stunning animals to be found in this park. It’s possible to get close with your most loved animals, and also learn about the Dubai Safari Park’s extensive conservation, research and protection of wildlife programs.

There are numerous amenities available within the park. Some of the facilities in the Dubai Safari Park are:
⦁ Stations for first aid
⦁ Information kiosk
⦁ Change rooms for babies
⦁ Prayer Rooms
⦁ Toilets
⦁ Multiple Restaurants
⦁ Souvenir Shops

Attractions in Dubai Safari Park

The park is divided into four zones: the First includes Explorer Village, the second African Village, Arabian Desert Safari as well as Asian Village respectively. In each of the zones, you’ll see hero species as well as animals that are native to these areas. It will take you to the forests of Asia and those deserts in Arabia as well as the rainforests of Africa and more, a completely unique experience that is different from Dubai’s high-rise luxury buildings and luxurious homes.

Dubai Safari Park is much more than a simple animal park. It’s a natural attraction, sanctuary for animals and education center all into one. It is a popular attraction for locals and visitors. It’s a must for anyone looking to learn more about the diverse species of flora and fauna that inhabit the world. Dubai Safari Park also has several interactive programs that allow you to be up close to a vast range of exotic creatures. It is possible to make use of the Dubai safari park tickets extremely well since it provides an extensive area for wildlife to experience the natural world and offers a variety of exciting experiences.

It is an absolute must-see especially if travelling with kids. Giraffe Feeding, Grand Aviary and a myriad of other exciting experiences allow children to get close to animals in a secure environment. Beyond these opportunities there are many entertaining shows, events, and other activities specially designed to let you learn more about the animals of the world.

1. Explorer Village located in Dubai Safari Park

One of the most notable aspects concerning Dubai Safari Park is the Explorer Village. Dubai Safari Park is Explorer Village offering an exciting experience for guests. Once you step into the area, there is a traditional open safari that takes visitors to the jungles of Asia and the rain forests of Africa to have intimate interactions with the fascinating creatures that live there. While you stroll through the village, in the comfort of a specially-designed vehicle for guests, you’ll encounter a variety of animals that are protected here, including hippos, crocodile’s deer, zebra’s water buffalos, and cheetahs.

A visit in the Explorer Village is incomplete without an opportunity to see the magnificent wildlife, including tigers and lions, basking in the sunshine. Once you step inside the enclosure for tigers you’ll be amazed by the splendor of the waterfalls that roar, completely powered by solar energy, and built to improve the environment of its water-loving residents.

The first drive-through crocodile attraction opens following, providing visitors with an opportunity to view some of the world’s most impressive predators at close range. Another interesting thing to do in The Safari Park are the Elephant’s Region which is home to a huge herd of elephants. You can interact with these adorable animals in this area.

2. African Village located in Dubai Safari Park

The most talked-about spot of Dubai Safari Park is predictably the African Village which is home to the most exotic wildlife of Africa. It is surrounded by baobab trees as well as traditional constructions made of mud the African Village provides visitors with an authentic view of the African landscape.

The village, which is divided into two parts: African Savannah with a Rainforest includes an African extensive range of animals, huge tortoises, chimpanzee’s monkeys Deer and komodo dragons. Gorillas, chimpanzees African elephants and royal white Lions! The reptile house houses a large collection of snakes as well as other reptiles from across Africa. It is home to the African Village is also home to the world’s largest aviary display.

3. Arabian Desert Safari

Prepare to see these desert creatures of Arabia while walking along with this Arabian Desert Safari. There are a variety of exciting experiences are waiting for you. The location is inspired by vast deserts found in Western Asia and this adventure is a way to bring the ancient nomadic desert in the Arabian Peninsula to life. Dubai Safari Park marshal will provide a brief overview of the delicate ecosystem within the park. Be sure to go to the Petting Zoo which is a frequent choice for visitors, especially for families with kids.

This Arabian Desert Safari also conducts numerous educational activities for children. If you travel through the sandy deserts, the rocky meadows, and rocky mountains of this town and you’ll be amazed by the wide diversity of the flora as well as wildlife on the screen. Be sure to keep on your guard for kittens, nilgais and the antelopes who live in this area. The Hero animal of the Arabian Desert safari region includes that of the Arabian Wolf which is a subspecies of grey wolf that lives in the Arabian Peninsula. This is the least populated of species of Wolf.

Keep an eye out for native species such as Arabian sheep, wolves, Arabian Oryx, Addax, Arabian gazelle, Sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle, Scimitar-horned Oryx

4. Asian Village

Discover the unique and massive range of fauna and flora that inhabit the Asian continent in this region. They have a range of interesting animals such as moon bears that are considered to be hero animals in this region. Moon Bears Moon Bear gets its name due to the crescent-shaped white patch that is found across its chest. You can see Komodo dragons, Orangutans which is threatened species that includes many bird species, and reptile species found in Asian countries are also located at this location. One of the main attractions at Asia Village Asian Village is the large theatre where many shows are held every daily. The shows include shows featuring birds, raptors and many other animal performances.

Keep an eye out for native wildlife such as Gibbons, Mandarin Duck, and Southern Cassowary

5. Kids’ Area

Another attraction at The Dubai Safari Park is your specially-curated Kids Farm where little ones will have fun feeding giraffes and birds. Children will be able to understand the traditional farm animals like cow’s sheep, goats, and cows. We’re certain that your children will be enjoying connecting to nature and learning the ponies ride, collect chicken eggs, and even milk cows!
The most important attraction for kids on the Kids Farm-
⦁ Giraffes feeding
⦁ Interactive activities for kids
⦁ Grand Aviary

Price, time, and location for entry Dubai Safari Park

1. Dubai Safari Park Ticket price

Dubai Safari Park ticket price begins at AED 50. However, children who are under the age of three and those who are determined and their two companions are admitted to the park no cost.
⦁ Safari Village AED20 from 3-12 years old, and AED50 starting at 12-years old.
⦁ Safari Village and African and Asian Villages AED 30/child and 85 for adults

2. Safari Park location and Map

Address- Al Warqa 5, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Safari Park Dubai Timings

Safari park opening hours are every day from 9:00 am until 5 pm. The main Gates are open from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm.

Time of the show

The best method to take pleasure in every minute of your visit is to plan your trip according to the park’s scheduled activities. Here are the schedules for shows:

⦁ The Bird Show (Small Theatre Show): 10:00 am to 10:30 am 11:30 pm until 02:00 pm
⦁ Amazing Creatures of the World (Big Theater Show) 11:30 am to 12:00 am 03:00 pm to 03:30pm
⦁ The Raptor Event (Open field) From 4:00 pm until 04:30 pm

Are you sure? Dubai Safari Park open?

Yes, the park reopened on the 27th of September, 2021, and hopefully with a variety of exciting new attractions.

Is it possible to purchase tickets online?

Yes, you are able to purchase tickets to the Dubai Safari Park tickets online. It is advised to do so in order to ensure an uninvolved environment.

What’s included is included Dubai Safari park ticket prices?

The ticket you choose will depend on your preference. Ticket, you’ll be granted access to either 3 or 4 from those Dubai Safari Park zones. There is a Dubai Safari Park entry fee is AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children. A Combo Dubai Safari ticket is priced at the adult AED 85 and children AED 30. Make sure you avail of these Dubai Safari Park offers if you are planning to go with your family.

Is there any Dubai Safari entry cost?

Yes, there is the Dubai Safari Park entrance fee as stated above. Children can however get discounts on tickets.

Do I need to Book in Advance?

It is suggested that you book all of your Dubai Safari Park ticket bookings ahead of time to ensure a pleasant and secure experience.

How can I find the Dubai safari park’s contact phone number?
You can reach them at their toll-free number: 800900.

Final Thoughts

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