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Best CS 1.6 Tips

CS 1.6 is not the first online shooter that you decided to play, it will not bring any serious surprises. This is due to the fact that in its time the game seriously influenced gamemode, introducing in it certain standards of creating models, behavior, tasks. Despite the fact that most modern “competitors” offer more realistic and advanced physics, the actions of players on the maps in general are similar.Can find CS 1.6 you can download cs here.

If you have not played team shooter on the net before Socunter Strike Original Edition, then before going to battle you should learn a few rules that will reduce the time to understand what is happening on the map. The rules are simple and will allow you to greatly ease the entry, as well as release your partners in battle from having to think and do everything for the newcomer.

In the game client now available to write in the chat in english. Often old cs 1.6 do not run on Windows 8, the majority of players complained that the counter-strike suggested and eject with games or doesn’t start. Our team has gathered an entirely new assembly cs 1.6, where everything works without missions from games and without any lags.


  1. Before you go into battle, be sure to train with the bots. Test different types of weapons, learn the most popular maps, master the process of reloading and changing weapons. Such training will give an opportunity to go into competitions with real opponents with already minimally pumped AIM, as well as the knowledge of what is happening.
  2. Adopt experience – at a time when the “contra” just gained momentum, the professionals could only be seen at major competitions. All the skills were developed through trial and error, or copied from the occasional great players on the server. Today is held a mass of streams from gamers who can teach the original techniques. You just need to memorize and repeat.
  3. learn how to get a gun quickly. Yes, you need to do this in training before your first fights. So you don’t risk precious moments by finding yourself in front of an enemy with run out of ammo. Selecting a gun is faster than reloading the main weapon.
  4. research possible shelters on the most popular maps. This will save you more than once.


  1. Do not rush to buy weapons before the first round. Experienced players advise to refrain from buying at this stage at all, so that there was an opportunity to acquire something more or less worthwhile, if the team can not immediately win.
  2. Buying weapons should be done quickly. Bring this procedure in training to automatism – on some servers the time for purchase is reduced, putting the limit of 10 – 15 seconds. 3. Remember: tactics and teamwork are the key ingredients for success. Unlike many other shooters where there is no goal for the round and the winner is simply the one who gains more phrases with fewer deaths, in CS terrorists and CTs have a goal. In the first case – to take the point, set up and detonate a bomb, in the second – to secure the “plant”. So try to resist the temptation at the beginning of the battle to rush first “crush” opponents.
  3. If you are running from your respawn, it is worth switching to the knife, because it is the lightest and, therefore, allows you to move faster. This will reduce the time it takes to reach the goal on the map. If your weapon is out of ammo – throw it, there’s no need to carry extra weight.
  4. Run and shoot at the same time is not necessary – most types of weapons have a fairly large spread, and during the movement at all will not do you any good. Besides, this way you will attract attention to yourself and become a non-threatening target.


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