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Do You Know the Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey?

It has a fascinating climate, nature, culture and history. Buying Property in Turkey has always been a favorite destination for foreigners. Therefore, it can be call a second home. As a result, the country offers endless opportunities for businessmen, professionals, students and retirees to invest in real estate with the promise of second citizenship.

Foreigners and foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship with an investment within two months. If you are interest in Buying Property in Turkey. We have compile this final guide for more information on investing in Turkish real estate. Read on to make a decision.

Why Buying Property in Turkey?

Turkey is a major player in the world. We welcome more foreigners. Locate between East and West, Turkey has the best practices in both worlds. Turkey is not the most popular country for second citizenship. However, there are also very attractive real estate markets that can offer great ROI. Istanbul, for example, is an attractive place for real estate investment, with the development of many new subdivisions and penthouses in some of the most interesting areas.

Foreigners are interest in the potential of an “Asian” country to work in the “Western” economy and quality of life. This combination makes it a great investment opportunity in Turkey. The legal system in Turkey has change a lot and there is a tendency to build houses and new buildings. The benefits of buying property in Turkey are as follows:

Home is Cheaper than Other Countries

Delays in Turkey’s entry into the Buying Property in Turkey market have led to house prices attracting foreigners from many countries. There are also luxury properties. But a small coastal town with two-room apartments is only available for 60-60,000.

Suitable for Long Term Investment

If you are looking for a long term investment, you can rely the Buying Property in Turkey. Turkish property buyers are more profitable than Cypriot and Spanish buyers as these prices can provide a profitable ROI. Where property prices have skyrocket there is little annual maintenance and upkeep Turkey well-maintain properties can generate huge returns on long-term investments.

Different Home Choices

One of the main reasons why foreigners are interest in Buying Property in Turkey is the wide selection of renovate, unplan, renovate and resold apartments and villas, from luxury homes to sea views apartments. There are many options. Buyers do not have to deal with the dream of buying property in Turkey.

The Cost of Living is Cheap

Living in Turkey is relatively cheap compare to European or North American countries. Retirees use the exchange rate from their home currency to the Turkish lira. This was higher than the average cost of living in Turkey. Also, essential items like fruits and vegetables are cheap.

The Buying Process is Easy

The government has taken necessary steps to facilitate this process in attracting real estate investment in Turkey’s property market. This is one of the reasons why foreigners prefer Turkey to invest in real estate.

Get Turkish citizenship

One of the most important benefits of Buying Property in Turkey is obtaining a Turkish passport. As a result, many foreigners looking for a second home consider Turkey a better choice. Through the investment program, Turkish citizenship allows foreigners to invest a minimum of 250,000 and obtain Turkish citizenship within 60 days. Read the article on Turkish citizenship By Buying Property.

Also, if you are Buying Property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is advisable to purchase property under construction in this case. One of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship is that after three years the property will not be sold, there will be investors. This condition can be use until the construction is complete and he will resell the property. Sell the property and get a 35-45% higher profit on the property value.

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