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Export Offline Exchange Database Mailbox to Outlook PST- Detailed guide

Lots of IT admins or other users love to use Microsoft Exchange. But the same question keeps arising all over again and again, i.e., how to convert an exchange database mailbox to Outlook PST format. Most of the organizations used Exchange mailboxes. But still, it depends upon the users whether they want to convert their Exchange database mailbox to Outlook PST format.

This Exchange server is very useful in managing all employees’ mailboxes. The best part of this exchange server is that it stores all the data of numerous people in an Exchange Database in EDB format. It helps in converting your exchange database to PST format.

  • The reasons for converting
  • Guide to convert EDB to PST
  • Conclusion

As we all know, the extension for the exchange server is in the EDB file format, and it is important for the exchange server. because it helps the exchange mailbox work properly. So, when it is corrupted and we find that in some ways, you are not able to access the EDB file format, then you can use the utility or some manual method.

The Reason Behind the Conversion of EDB

  1. Corruption in the database
  2. Failure of the motherboard
  3. Overheating
  4. Failure in hard disk
  5. Logfile miss out
  6. Storage issue

So here are many reasons why you should convert the EDB into PST in a time-saving way. And the idea of having all the important data of the whole organization stored in a single place is a crucial one. Let’s check out the options to save the EDB file.

There are Two Options to Save the EDB File, i.e.,

  1. Backup your files regularly
  2. Convert EDB file into PST file format.

Converting exchange database files to PST is the best decision that a user can make. This is the only option to keep your EDB files safe and secure. This conversion does not require any technical knowledge or special skills to convert it to Outlook PST format. Many users trust automated solutions. The EDB to PST converter software can easily exchange database mailboxes into PST. This software converts EDB to PST within a blink or during a power nap.

We would love to describe to you the difference between the format and the definition of EDB and PST files before the conversion steps.

EDB: Exchange Database is the name of the database. It is in the Exchange Database (.edb) file where the mailbox database is kept. They store messages that are still being worked on and that are not SMTP messages. EDB files do this. Exchange Database files are organized in a way called a “b-tree.”

File Location: \ Program Files \ Microsoft \ Exchange Server \ v14 \ Mailbox \ Mailbox Database\ xyz.edb

PST: As its name suggests, this is a table that is for you. In other words, it’s a file format that is owned by Microsoft and can be used by anyone. For example, it is used to keep copies of messages and calendar events as well as copies of other software from the same company. It is called a “database.”

File Location: “C:\Users\ \ AppData \ Local \ MicrosoftOutlook” and Under Window 7, Vista and XP at: C:\ Documents and Settings\ \ Local Setting \ Application Data\ Microsoft \ Outlook\

Features of Third-Party Tool

  • Easily export Exchange database mailbox into PST
  • Always maintain the hierarchy of the inbox and other folders
  • Capable of converting corrupted files to PST
  • Option to select files according to conversion
  • Create your individual PST file.
  • Compatible with all versions of the exchange server like 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.
  • This software gives a filter option to the database.
  • Recover the deleted or corrupted data with Quick and Advance Scan.
  • Extract your public folder and private mailbox to PST format.

Bringing It All Together

In conclusion, we recommend a good and time-saving solution. In this article, we provided all the information regarding the exchange and the PST file. We tried to describe the features of the automatic software. We also show a bunch of reasons why users should export the exchange database into PST format.

The manual method has lots of limitations and comes with no guarantee of data security. So many users opt for an expert verified solution.

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