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Google Ads Guide to Increase Your Sales

In 2016, Google’s advertising revenue reached $79.4 billion, exceeding total advertising spending in all countries except the United States. By the end of 2017, it easily exceeded $90 billion.

This makes it the largest advertising company in the world. First of all, when investing money, it is important to be fairly clear how it actually works. And how exactly is Google using your money to attract new people to your business? And that’s what we’ll cover in this chapter, to make sure your Google Ads shoes have a solid foundation to stand on!

Google search ads are the purest form of PPC ads. If you can afford the most for a particular keyword, you have a chance to show your ad.

How do I create a generic Google ad?

Here’s how to do it.

Create a Google Ads account and select the types of ads you want to create. Search, video or advertisement. Next, select a few keywords, and then select the keywords you want your ad to run for.

Determine your bidding strategy and place a bid (preferably higher than your competition). Then create an ad and submit it to Google to increase the number of visitors willing to buy. Yes, if only it were that simple, but don’t worry PPC company can help you with that they have an experience in that.

You see, Google wants the best for its users. If your ad isn’t perfect for Google search results, Google won’t get your money. Get visitors from Google, regardless of their length.

Do you offer Google view?

To adjust the display quality, Google uses a small function with the name quality certificate.

The quality price helps you discover how valuable for your announcement in Google’s eyes.

The following things must be observed:

  • The speed of CTR
  • The importance of the keyword of the ad group
  • Landscaping.
  • Your quality of text display and importance
  • Date of your advertising

Google offers your screen quality certificate and exposure your screen accordingly. If your ad has a very high score, you can get your advertisement with your display without the best costs per click (CPC).

Of course you can try to see the best amount, but your advertisement does not see the advertisement if the quality of quality is really bad!

Are you going to save?

Well, I fully understand that you cannot directly arrange your account directly, but you can operate CTR operation tucks, keyword connections, destination pages and advertising text.

With the other four factors you can significantly reduce the CPC while strengthening the conversion. Active in this manual deeper. You can see that Google will use Google to send you traffic. Like. In fact, they want your CPC to be low and high performance!

And we do this by allowing users to create different types of ads based on what they want to do. There are many ways you can reach your customers by using Google networking, you have absolute power to increase your income.

Advertising types and targeting

Google allows you to target your audience in multiple places on the web. Whether you’re searching on Google, YouTube, websites, or other apps, you can really reach users in different places, grab their attention, and make yourself truly ubiquitous.

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Research has shown that the user almost never buys anything on the first visit to your site! In fact, you should show the sell offer 6-7 times on average.

So, the more channels you have and offer to the user, the more likely you are to sell. In this chapter, we’ll take a closer look at how to build that global presence and make the most of our suggestions. So don’t worry now, let’s get in now.

There are several types of Google ads that you can use to reach your customers.

Types of google ads

Google search ads

You can use this ad to display your ad on the Google search results page. This is the most used advertisement. Of course it is. Because they have the best buyer intention above all else. Click on it and you have a chance to become a qualified lead.

Google video ads

Video is one of the most talked-about elements of digital marketing to consider in 2020, and for good reason. Google Video Ads can help boost your video marketing.
This way you can be on YouTube. The second largest source of traffic on the Internet. Google shows you video ads based on your search terms so you can keep an eye on them even when they leave Google searches.

You can also run video ads that target your competitors on YouTube. So they will see your ad before watching the contest video. This is very effective because when users see your competitors they are already in the mood and can entice them by placing great ads.

Where video ads really shine is in remarketing ads. You can use YouTube to create a list of everyone who saw the video. You may target people with economic advertising compared to other advertising.

This game is really interesting because the announcement will be very familiar with you and will not cool about your ad. This is a giant for quality traffic for fast traffic!

Google Purchase Advertising

You can view the product with high quality images at the top of the store, offline or online, Google search results via shopping ads. These owners of e-commerce stores are fantastic and so they have e-commerce stores, this is a good opportunity for you!

Google Advertising Performance

Performance advertising from millions of network networks to advertise products / services are used in a large Google viewing network, for example different formats in different formats. The popularity of these ads is a decrease in the popularity, but because people are very popular with “advertising blindness” and advertising blockers are very popular, performance indicators are actually effective.

According to WordTream, WordTream has 20% of advertising revenues in advertising and reaches 92% Internet users in the United States. You can not remember the “ubiquitous” notice and the likelihood of Li Marketing that can be used for this ad, even if you do not sell it directly through this ad.

Google Display Advertising Google Display Network is a simple rabbit. Use this to determine the best positioning options of your company and keep the curve!

My life PPC made it better for 10 times. Source: Google Ads Placement Cheat Sheet

Google Universal App Campaigns

This was the latest ad launched by Google to invest in mobile apps, giving mobile app developers a great way to monetize. Versatile campaigns with Search, Display, YouTube, Admob and Google Play. Connect the app and start creating ads!

It’s great to be able to reach people. But if you market to everyone, you won’t sell to anyone. That’s why Startup development company provide multiple targeting options on Google to help you reach the right people.

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