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Helping Parents Treat Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be a multi-factorial disorder that can be extremely uncomfortable for infants and can trigger an amount of stress for parents.

To make the issue even more difficult the rash that occurs in diapers is relatively easy to spot as well as treat. It is also a possibility that diapers may cause more severe dermatologic conditions. Such as seborrheic dermatitis(also known as psoriasis and Atopic skin dermatitis.

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Specific Protectant Ingredients

Can I Use Cornstarch for Diaper Rash? If the skin of the baby is damaged, the parent should consult an expert.  However in the event that the irritation is not limited to inflammation, then protectants are secure and effective.

Cornstarch (10%-98 percent) is made into powder. It is believed to be a secure baby powder. However, it can be a risk. In one case month, the old infant was taken to the emergency room. As a result of poor nutrition and a deterioration in breathing.

The doctors ordered an x-ray of the chest and found an opacification of the lungs. That was diffuse and dark blue crystals shaped like polygons on the Gram-stain.

Manifestations of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is typically seen as a red, swollen rash on the scrotum and the penis in boys. And on the vagina and labia for females. It encompasses a variety of dermatoses. These include blisters, scaling or ulcers, large pimples or bumps or sores with a purulent appearance. Children who can scratch at the affected area during changing diapers. If the area has a reddish appearance. If there are tiny red bumps on the outer borders of the area.  It is likely that candidal colonization has occurred and a referral from a physician is required

Safe Treatment of Diaper Rash

Evidently, infants are extremely susceptible to the harmful chemicals that are applied to the body. This is particularly true given the fact that the diaper is an occlusive dressing. That increases the absorption of any active pharmacological ingredient. Furthermore, the skin of a child with diaper rash is usually damaged and this increases the degree of absorption.

Unknown Ingredients in Diaper Rash Products

Treat Diaper rash are available in a variety of popular names (e.g., Vaseline, Desitin, A+D, Johnson’s). However, they also offer many spooky obscure brands.  Some of the former and a lot of the latter also load the products. They sell substances with uncertain safety and effectiveness to treat diaper irritation.

Choosing the Right Type of Diaper

Diaper rash can cause a significant amount of discomfort to the infant. Since the objective is keeping the baby’s skin clean the parents must choose diapers. Those are marked as ultra-absorbent or superabsorbent. They can prevent diaper rash more effectively than standard absorbency diapers. If you use cloth diapers for any reason, they should not be covered with plastic pants. Because the plastic traps moisture in the diaper and causes the risk of developing a diaper rash higher.

Skin Protectants

Skin protectants are among the best ingredients to treat diaper rash. These are ingredients like allantoin calamine, dimethicone. Cod liver oil as well lanolin, kaolin petrolatum, mineral oil talc as well topical starch. As well as white petrolatum, and zinc oxide

Products to avoid

Certain chemicals should not be used on babies. Avoid homemade remedies such as baking soda because their safety could be in question. Any product that contains borax or boric acid is dangerous and should be avoided. Chemicals like aloe vera and benzyl alcohol. As well as castor seed Peruvian balsam and nonfat milk as well as arnica borage. Thymol, and calendula rosehip oil, as well as tea tree oils, aren’t FDA-approved protections.


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