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How do I prepare for crash course for upsc prelims 2022 in 3 months ?

UPSC civil service exam is among the most difficult exam for competitive examinations in India. It takes time and commitment by students to get good scores. Although it’s extremely difficult to plan for the biggest exam within three months, it’s doable with perseverance and with a lot of motivation for crash course for upsc prelims 2022

A student who has a proper plan and an effective allocation of time will be able to prepare for the test within the specified time. Candidates must have a solid schedule that covers the most important topics, the questions and answer sessions as well as current events, and, consequently, the syllabus of key topics. Candidates must review the subject every day and conduct online tests that increase your arrogance. The most important things to keep in mind when preparing for the test in the next three months are

Candidates must be aware of the pattern of the test and prepare accordingly.

The applicants must ensure that they comprehend the syllabus of the exam and are prepared for it.

Students must purchase the books and other tools required to pass the test and to study diligently. It is recommended to search for the most basic textbooks that can be used for preparation in a brief duration of time. | crash course for upsc prelims 2022

It is important to start with the basics to get an accurate understanding of the subject before moving on to the other direction.

You must go through the past five years’ question papers, and then do a thorough examination of those papers.

Practice the mock tests regularly can help you think about the test and aid in better time management.

Students should make sure to allocate enough time for their revision as it is essential to master the subjects prior to appearing for the exam that is the most rigorous.

The daily reading of newspapers will aid in getting a good understanding of what is happening in India as well as around the world. Therefore, making this a routine will make sure that the students can get good marks. It is essential to read papers , and possibly a whole day. There are many important issues that reviewing newspapers could help you understand.

If you pass the preliminary exam, you’ll need to concentrate on the last one year’s worth of news and go through the largest number of documents. It will help you determine the kind of questions that could be asked this year.

Make sure you have notes on the latest issues. | crash course for upsc prelims 2022

It is recommended to specialize in writing essays since it will help you score high on the UPSC mains test. There are a lot of videos online to help you learn to write essays that are effective.

Set aside 2 hours a day to prepare for optional subjects too. It is recommended to revise the entire optional three times prior to the main exam.

It is also recommended to specialize in other areas of interest such as ethics. You should look for the top ethics books and do a case study each day.

Do your best to practice answer writing prior to each week of the test. It only takes 30 minutes a day to do this. | crash course for upsc prelims 2022

The UPSC exam requires rapid and clear thinking. Students who are able to organize their thoughts quickly and then write the answers are able to conquer the challenges presented by the test. Constantly practicing and following the schedule will result in satisfactory results. A sincere attitude and determination to achieve success are the primary required to pass the UPSC test in a short time.

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What exactly should one wear for a UPSC Mock interview ?

  • Wear clean cloths. The clothes you wear must be clean and ironed. They should be free of marks.
  • Don’t wear tight or loose clothes. Be stylish by choosing the right size.
  • Women should wear formal Indian attire for attending the UPSC interview. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a sari dress then a salwar dress would be a good alternative. Make sure that the outfit you choose to wear is light and more subtle color. It must be cotton.
  • Dress simple and elegant clothes
  • The use of minimal or no makeup is sufficient. Maintain a professional look.
  • Avoid high-heeled shoes unless you feel comfortable wearing them and they should not make a lot of noise.
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