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How to create an online school?

Every year more and more people want to study remotely using the Internet. Starting an online school is a lucrative business, so there are a few things to keep in mind to reap the benefits.

  1. Choosing the Right Niche
  2. Target audience analysis
  3. Choosing a learning format
  4. communication
  5. Learning Tools
  6. Search for a producer

Choosing the Right Niche

After all, the development of the entire project depends on it. They should be narrow and deep to help a certain group of people solve their specific problems.

The development of one niche allows you to gradually occupy the next one. But it is important to remember that each category of services should be advertised separately.

Target audience analysis

This is the group of people who may be interested in the project. To correctly determine it, one should take into account the gender, age, profession, marital status, and income level of potential customers. Important points are also the life values ​​and behavior of future customers. 

Consider what qualities will be most important for them when buying. You must first interview the audience, process their answers so that the course takes into account all the nuances. And only then should you start selling.

Choosing a learning format

The popularity and profitability of an online school depend on the form in which the training will be presented. There are several learning formats. These include:

A selection of useful articles that are paid for by subscription. In addition to theory, you can give homework aimed at consolidating the result. But this method is not suitable for all niches.

The advantage is a minimum of effort and financial investment in the project. A website, a bank account, and e-mail are all that are needed in this case.

Video tutorials allow you to make learning visual, they are suitable for almost any course. 

The format of video lessons can also be different: it is either a screencast, that is, a recording of a computer screen with a voice-over, or a standard training video. Video tutorials require investments to mount them with high quality. However, then financial costs are not required.

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online learning
online learning


One disadvantage is the lack of feedback, so it is important to think over the channels of communication, you can gather on Skype or social networks.

Electronic courses allow you to pack lectures, videos, music, and other necessary formats. Topics of study, in this case, are disclosed in great detail, comprehensively. And to consolidate the results, you can use ordinary tests as a check.

Webinars are one of the most popular forms of learning that require online meetings in the form of a seminar. Students are at home, but at certain times they gather, for example, on Skype. 

This format allows you to save time and get feedback from the audience immediately. But the use of the webinar format requires certain conditions to be met.

  • You need to send out one letter per week.
  • The optimal length of video lessons is 7-15 minutes.
  • The video course lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • Webinars should not exceed one and a half hours.
  • Coursework will last up to 45 days.

Before starting training with students, everyone should discuss the nuances of the process.

Learning Tools

Online courses require the right organization, which includes choosing a form of payment for accepting payments, having a web page with full information about the course on it, services for sending letters, platforms for webinars, and for hosting courses.

Creating a business model will determine the way to make a profit. This can be the sale of courses, the distribution of free courses, but paid certificates of completion of training on them. 

The point of this method is that these documents perfectly complement the portfolio. It can also be issued a subscription sale for a certain period.

Potential customers should be properly prepared for the purchase of the course. Sending out free training materials will help them decide in the future who to get the necessary knowledge from.

Search for a producer

This is a person who will promote courses, it is better to look for him on specialized forums or sites. A good advertising platform is Kickstarter. With it, you can get the first customers, as well as create a fundraising campaign to launch various projects.

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