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Kitchen hatchet chopper

Such an item as a kitchen hatchet in the kitchen is rarely in demand, but sometimes you simply cannot do without it, for example, when cutting a large piece of meat, or large fish. For a knife, such tasks may simply be beyond their strength, and then a small kitchen hatchet or chopper should “enter the stage”.


The difference in the technique of working an ax and a knife is as follows: with a knife they usually make cutting movements back and forth, moving along the cut, and with an ax they strike from top to bottom, gradually deepening into the cut, so if you buy an ax or buy a chopper, you can greatly simplify the solution tasks for cutting large pieces of meat.

Kitchen axes according to their size, weight and configuration can be divided into several types:

  1. Heavy axes for chopping meat – designed for cutting whole carcasses and large pieces of meat, where there is a need to cut bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, as well as frozen foods.
  2. Small in size, but heavy enough, with a wide butt hatchet, choppers for chopping, cutting pieces of meat, smaller fish, thin bones, as well as for preparing minced meat, that is, chopping it.
  3. Shredding hatchets.

Small in size, with a thin butt, light, and therefore of low inertia and little use for felling. It would probably even be more correct to call them a wide knife for cutting small pieces of pulp, chopping vegetables, and it will also cope with cutting small fish and poultry. 

The versatility of this hatchet allows you to use all its sides for various types of work: the cutting edge of the blade for shredding, cutting, chopping, you can beat off with a butt, a wide blade allows you to transfer chopped food from the board to a pot, frying pan.

In our online store, you can buy an ax, buy a kitchen hatchet, buy a chopper of various sizes, configurations, and weights, to solve the whole range of kitchen knives, kitchen knife sets.

Many national cuisines of the world use one universal knife in their understanding, for example, the Uzbek peak, the Yakut knife, or the Nepalese kukri. The world of kitchen knives is extremely varied. If each of them can be used for its intended purpose, and not use one knife for the whole range of work, then cutting food in the kitchen will become much easier and more enjoyable. 

Making sets is a thankless task since each person has his vision of which kitchen knives should get a residence permit in his kitchen. Therefore, even though in the catalog on our website we tried to provide you with the opportunity to buy kitchen sets in several configurations, you, dear customers, can buy kitchen knives of your favorite models and make your own set of kitchen knives. In this article, we will try to tell you more about some of the main types of kitchen knives.


Chef’s knife or chef’s knife.

Buy a chef knife, the most important knife in the kitchen is not a problem in this time of abundance of offers. The task is to buy a chef’s knife, such that it would be an indispensable assistant for you in the kitchen.

This Damascus steel knife set has a large, wide, and rather heavy blade, and the higher the length, the higher the width of the knife, respectively. The most basic function of a chef knife is shredding, and shredding, with certain skills, at a very high speed. 

The geometry of its blade allows you to swing the knife on the cutting board and perform undulating movements to achieve accurate and fast cuts. With a chef’s knife, you can not only chop but also cut on yourself, away from you, chop meat, fish, it is quite convenient and comfortable for them to chop various vegetables, such as cabbage, as well as greens. 

Typically, chef knives use blades with a length in the range of 150-300mm, the most common is a blade with a length of 200mm. Blade thickness can vary from 2 to 4 mm, thin blades provide high ease of cutting, and thicker, heavier inertial blades can cut hard products, including small bones. 

The versatility of the chef knife allows it to work with almost any product: meat, fish, vegetables, and herbs, everything is within its power. The wide blade of the chef knife is also used as a spatula, if necessary, deliver the sliced ​​\u200b\u200bfrom the board to the pan. Even butts come in handy – they can beat off pieces of meat. including small bones. 

Japanese santoku knife.

If you remove the sharp end from the classic chef’s knife, which, in principle, there is no urgent need, and change the shape of the blade from a triangular to a uniform strip, you get a very convenient Japanese Santoku knife, with a lowered tip and a straight cutting edge. 

Its scope includes slicing sushi, cutting meat and fish, cutting vegetables and mushrooms. “Santoku” can be translated literally as “three good things” or otherwise “three uses”, the name of the knife speaks for itself: users of this knife will be able to comfortably cut, chop, and chop. 

The size and shape of the santoku are optimal for cutting into small cubes, layers, and straws. You can also cut meat and vegetables. Its characteristic feature is precisely its versatility, the favorite of many housewives. As we can see, it performs almost the same functions as the chef’s knife when choosing:


Fillet knives.

A Fillet knife, is one of the most important in your kitchen. According to the geometry of the blade is narrow and long with a slightly upturned tip. Its mandatory properties include the flexibility and elasticity of the blade. So that the knife does not cut deep, but cuts the spine and, most importantly. Sharp sharpening, which makes it easy to remove the skin from the fish and separate the fish fillet from unnecessary bones.

If you need to cut thin and even pieces of meat or fish, cut them into thin plates, a fillet knife will also come to the rescue. With it, you can cut a piece in one motion and get a perfect even cut. In our online store, fillet knives of different sizes are presented, which can be used for large and small fish and pieces of meat, respectively. 

The versatility of the fillet knife allows you to use it to perform several. Such necessary operations when cutting fish: ripping open the peritoneum. And removing unnecessary entrails, cutting off vertebral and costal bones. Removing fins, making cuts of various lengths and widths. Punctures, cutting steaks, the narrow tip of a fillet knife create high precision and controllability. This allows you to make small cuts of complex configuration, bypassing the bones and, for example, comfortably cutting gills. 

In our workshop, a wide range of high-quality fillet knives is presented both in size and execution, and you can order and buy the fillet knife that you liked. making cuts of various lengths and widths, puncturing, cutting steaks, the narrow tip of a fillet knife creates high accuracy and controllability, which allows you to make small cuts of complex configuration, bypassing the bones and, for example, comfortably cut gills. 

Vegetable knife.

One of the smallest knives in the kitchen, but no less important. The name speaks for itself – a vegetable knife is naturally intended for vegetables and fruits: peeling them. Cutting them into segments, and removing various unnecessary parts (apple cores, potato eyes, rotten areas, etc.). According to the configuration, the vegetable knife has a short blade, with a pointed end, which removes damaged places. And the geometry of the blade can be either a classic straight line or with a blade concave like a claw (riveting). Such a vegetable knife is most convenient to clean rounded surfaces and make cuts “on me”.

An important quality of a vegetable knife is its controllability. Vegetables do not have an ideal shape and it is important that the blade. Obedient to the movements of the hand, perform intricate trajectories. Repeating all the bumps and not cutting off anything superfluous. 

And of course, a vegetable knife should be convenient and comfortable. Cleaning vegetables and removing defects is laborious and slow work. Requiring attention and perseverance, try to do it with an uncomfortable tool. For a set of kitchen knives to be complete, you just need to buy a vegetable knife for your kitchen.

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