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Parenting tips for infants- What do these little ones need?

Are you going to have your first baby? Well, be ready to be part of a number of rituals and ceremonies if you belong to the Indian society. There are naming ceremonies, swing ceremonies, Sri mantum, and so on. Amidst these ceremonies, you can’t forget to give 100% attention to your newborn child. It is hoped that the following parenting tips for infants will help the new mothers to deal with their infants better.

  • Developmental goals- The common developmental milestones for a child are crawling, jumping, walking, speaking, playing, and waving, and so on. A mother needs to be by the infant’s side when it learns to do any such new things. In this stage of cognitive development, the babies learn to trust and love their parents as well. So, parents need to be careful during this stage of an infant’s life after birth.
  • Positive parenting- To calm and comfort your baby, you can talk to the infant. Try to read the mind of your baby as it will help him or her to develop language skills. Also, to help your baby stop crying, you can count on some lullabies. The baby should have plenty of your touch and attention. Try praising your adorable infant every now and then. Take care of your baby’s both emotional and physical well-being. These positive parenting tips for infants will improve the bond between you and your baby. You should buy plenty of colorful toys to boost the vision of your infant. These toys will definitely distract your baby while you can do your own work.
  • Child safety- This is also an important aspect of upbringing an infant. You need to make your home a safe place for your baby so that it can crawl around safely. The babies feature weak muscles and bone support. So, never shake your baby, rather learn the trick to hold your baby properly. Infant death syndromes are pretty common among babies. You should always put your infant to sleep on its back. You must ask other family members not to smoke in front of your infant. Babies love to put everything in their mouths. So, keep small toys and large pieces of food away from them so that they don’t choke. Don’t handle hot items while holding your baby with your other hand. Last but not least, take your baby through all types of vaccinations to keep the infant protected against various germs.
  • Child nutrition- Up to 6 months, you should feed your baby only breast milk. After that, introduce your baby to new tastes and solid foods. New mothers need to have plenty of patience while feeding their babies. You can consult with pediatricians about the right diet for your newborn infant. The doctor might recommend some baby foods from reputed brands.

If you follow these basic parenting tips, you don’t have to worry about your infant’s well-being anymore. These tips and tricks are valid till 18 months after birth. The key to proper parenting is to listen and understand your baby. Set aside some time to spend with your infant on a daily basis no matter how busy you are.

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