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Is Rocky Point Beach House Rentals worth visiting?

Rocky point is another name for Puerto Penasco and is famous for its beach houses. Rocky point beach house rentals are famous for a number of reasons and in this article, we will discuss all of those reasons why people prefer spending their trip or vacations with their families and friends at Hacienda Rentals.

Puerto Penasco Beach House Rentals

Here are some benefits of having yourself at Rocky point beach house rentals feel like home. Villa rentals over here are make ones they are staying at their houses with a comfort. But many people raise concerns about this statement, they think that holidays are meant to spend quality time with family and friends not for the same household chores and other responsibilities whereas hotel rooms are handy to book and spend your holiday at.

Beach Front Rentals in Puerto Penasco
Beach Front Rentals in Puerto Penasco

But what they don’t know is that hotel rooms operate like an institute whereas Mexico Beachfront Rentals are beach houses where you can live, have fun, eat and do whatever you want. Yes, hotels make sure to give you the best security while your stay but you can never question those hotels which are low in cost and cheap to your pocket.

Beach house rentals at rocky point and other areas of Mexico have security cameras installed for the safety and security purposes. But you don’t need to worry about the privacy issues these cameras are placed in such a direction that they will never invade your privacy while your stay.

Water sports

Rocky point is also known for its water sports. During your stay at Rocky point beach house rentals, you will find a variety of water sports that you will never experience before. Such as banana boat, because they provide a whole different experience to the tourists. Apart from the banana boat, there are some other water sports such as boat surfing and kite surfing. You should definitely try that when visiting Puerto Penasco.

Renting an ATV 

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a bike having four wheels. This is another most attractive activity of Rocky point. People rent these ATV bikes and enjoy their day having a race or exploring on the sand. Now there is a twist. You can only rent them if you have a valid driver’s license without that you cannot rent those bikes. Another very important thing about these sort of bikes is that you need to sign the rental documents for the safety of yourself and the bike.


Another major reason that makes Rocky point beach house rentals famous is its golf courses. You can play golf at those stunning and big golf courses where you can not only witness golf but can witness other things as well such as the structure of these courses and the game’s structure if you are new to golf.


People are fond of souvenirs. They want something from each place for their families or loved one to make them feel happy. Same thing goes here while people visit in Puerto Penasco they buy something from a variety of categories over there. You can find a variety of things there for yourself and for your friends as well. This is the reason why this place is also known for its souvenir markets.

Rocky Point Beach House Rentals - Hacienda De Penasco Mexico Vacation Rentals
Rocky Point Beach House Rentals – Hacienda De Penasco Mexico Vacation Rentals

After reading all these top 5 attractions of rocky point what are your opinions about spending your next vacations in Mexico? Do you still have any sort of question in your mind regarding this visiting and beautiful place? If not then book your Beach Front Rentals in Puerto Penasco at Hacienda De Penasco for a never before holiday experience and make them memorable.