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A game match suitable for 3-year-olds

A game match suitable for 3-year-olds

Today I invite you to discover a battle game suitable for 3-year-olds. You are certainly already familiar with the principle of the battle game, an extremely competitive game that can only be played with two players. The objective of the battle is to be the first player to win all 52 cards. Each player receives a pile and turns over the first card at the same time.

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Except when there is a battle

Whoever has the highest card can take both cards and add them to the bottom of their deck and so on (except when there is a battle!). But it’s still a bit tricky card game for little kids, the battle is more of a 5-6-year-old card game.

That is why I invite you to discover another version, called Batataille, with very cute animals for children from 3 years old.

There is a selection of battle games for children from 3 to 4 years old in which you will find a large number of varied games. The battle is on this list and it even ranks first in battle games!


a battle game suitable for children from 3 years. Therefore, the battle is a battle game specially designed for young children, as it is not played with a standard deck of 52 cards, but with a deck of 42 animals that allows two to four players to play. The objective of the game is the same as that of the battle: to win all the cards.

The bigger the animal

But this version is much easier for the little ones because in each card there is an animal and a value. The bigger the animal, the higher the value of the card. And if in doubt about the value, the child can also count the colored dots on the side of the card.

As in the real game

all cards are dealt face down to the players (players should not look at their cards). Players will return to the center of the table, the card that is at the top of their pile. In the event of a tie (as in the battle game), the children must turn one card face down and one card face up to decide the winner of the trick.

The winner is the one who has won all the cards in the game. A battle game lasts approximately 10 minutes, a fairly quick game ideal for the little ones. This makes it an ideal game to play with the family if you have one or more young children at home.

Simple card game for children

Even the grown-ups can have fun with this game and let the little ones take part. And if you like to play cards as a family, I invite you to discover this simple card game for children that can also be played from 3 years old.

There are 10 kinds of animals in the game: chick / hen / rabbit / cat / goose / dog / sheep / pig / donkey / cow. And 4 cards (yellow, red, green, and blue) per type of animal, which makes 40 cards + 2 jokers = 42 cards in total.

An amazing learning game

It is an amazing learning game for young children, as they will develop their knowledge of the names of the animals, but also the colors, the recognition of numbers by the indicated values ​​, and the learning of mathematics by the point indicator.

And the little extra that I like about this battle game is that it is a game entirely made in France by “Fun Games”, good for promoting the local economy! This very easy card game for toddlers ages 3-4 also lets you work on a simple cardholder.

With the face of the cards hidden

Not in a fan, but a pile, with the face of the cards hidden, which imposes a sense of the arrangement of the cards won during the taking of tricks. Here is a game that can help your beloved toddlers develop or practice several important skills: counting, How about making your battle game? It is a very special card game with animals that you can buy but that you can also make yourself with your children. Just take some light card stock and cut out 42 cards.

Cards and color

Then, just draw animals on your cards and color them in, enough to have another great time with your family. And you don’t necessarily have to draw the same animals as in the battle royale game, you can choose to draw jungle animals or even imaginary animals.

The idea is basically to choose 10 animals of different sizes so that you can give them a number from 1 to 10 (from smallest to largest). Look at the cards in the deck above to get an idea of ​​what the 42-card deck looks like.

A joker like in a classic card game

And for the two jokers (which acts as a joker like in a classic card game) you can draw whatever you want, be imaginative or just write joker on these two cards to go faster. If you go for jungle animals you can do this (from smallest to largest): spider, piranha, snake, toucan, monkey, jaguar, lion, zebra, rhinoceros, elephant. The older ones can draw the animals and the younger ones can color them.

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