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Tarsar Marsar Trek 2022


Tarsar Marsar is, in fact, the best most popular meet-and-greet in India. It’s a name that we aren’t willing to give trips that go smoothly. Particularly when the family’s renowned travel, Kashmir Great Lakes, is featured.

Yet, Tarsar Marsar is a trip where lakes of the alps take on an individual life that is their own. It’s not just that you can camp on these beautiful blue lakes, which are fed by snow.

You can circumvent the entire boundary of Tarsar and Sundersar giving you numerous perspectives of the identical lake!

There’s also the elusive Marsar which is almost always covered in a cloud of shadows. The lake is visible through a protuberance and sit about 600-700 feet below. It’s the perfect place to show the magnificence of the lake, as the sun rising directly above it. It’s not until clumps or shadows float across the vale’s U shape before they over the lake. The lake is gone in a matter of seconds!

The Tarsar Marsar adventure will take you straight to the center of Kashmir. From the old-fashioned Vill Aru to the clears of Lidderwat. The scenery in Tarsar Marsar is similar in that it can leave you amazed for weeks! Tarsar Marsar Trek goes deep in the middle of Kashmir and is completely different ways of touring in India.

During your journey, you will have an opportunity to sit and chat with the beautiful blue-blue alpine lakes.

The other alternative is Marsar that is hidden by the shadows of. See its beauty by a protuberance positioned between 600 and 700 bases. The lake cannot be seen when the shadows are visible. Thus, clearly, Tarsar Marsar is the meet Lakes in India.

The trail is concealed by an icy layer of snow as well as green vale. The lush green trees turn into a white paradise! The Tarsar Marsar excursion isn’t just intended for educated pedestrians, but for children and amateurs too. families, school groups and other family members.

Tarsar marsar trek is a stunning and moderate trek through the Kashmir vale. The Tarsar marsar Trek perfect for people with a love of mountaineering.


We’ve been on this journey for quite a while, and we’ve all had experiences associated with this trip. The best time to undertake this trek is from 5th June until the end of September. This is especially during those months in June. the meadows are lush and green and snow are made into cornucopia and makes the journey unforgettable.

In the day, the temperature of the tarsar marsar travel is in the range of (05 degC to 15 degC) and at night, the temperature drops to 03 degC and 5 degC, which isn’t too bad.


There’s no way to be boring when you travel on the tarsar marsar Trek This trip will provide you with nothing but happiness It will allow you to witness the beauty and the culture of Kashmir as you travel that will never let you go. close to the mountain.

How Delicate is the Tarsar marsar voyage?

Tarsar marsar travel isn’t really difficult and it’s not simple either This journey is in a moderate location,


The journey is moderate one, but when your fitness is in good shape and you’ve got it in your heart that you will also travel, you are in a position to succeed. If you need help the attendants will assist your efforts, but you need to be fit and ready to endure the journey.

Is the Tarsar marsar trip is it safe for me?


It’s true, Tarsar marsar Trek is an extremely safe trip if you’re with a reliable trekking team that you be aware of before making reservations, It is crucial to be aware of whether the bow touring connection with whom we’re traveling is legitimate or not.


If possible, travel with the first touring group You can get the same thing every time. Also, your trip is sure to be memorable and unforgettable


The minimum age to embark on a Tarsar marsar route is 10 years old, and the maximum age is 55.

The rest is dependent on your fitness

Aru is the camp of base of the Tarsar Marsar travels, it’s an idyllic small vill that is surrounded by lavish campaigns. The vill is known for its presence for its lodges, poplars, and a river that flows through the vill’s center.


The Aru townships are so happy to welcome pedestrians that they are sure to return back to repeat their journey. The natural beauty of Kashmir is meadows, rainwater catscalls, aqueducts animals, and flowers everywhere attracts people to go to the area. It is true, Jammu and Kashmir vale is nothing less than a dream, and is also known as the Taj of India

Prior to, Sundersar campground, you will pass through the wide Jagmargi champaigns. So, be amazed by its sheer beauty because the vast champaigns are surrounded by mountains. A small stream of water flows through the stunning vale, which is blooming with a variety of flowers in non-heroic pink and blue shades.


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