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Things you should know about granite countertops as a homemaker

If you find a granite countertop that you want to use for a kitchen, go for it. Make sure the granite countertops in the kitchen cabinets work well. Although you probably won’t have granite kitchen cabinets, it’s possible to find cabinet tops that look like granite.  Kitchen users and homemakers prefer granite countertops are preferred by kitchen users and homemakers worldwide due to their beautiful finishes and styles. They impart incredible structural composition and texture after installation. The granite countertops can add value to homes- given their durability and luster. As granite 9is a natural stone, it’s widely appreciated for its resilience and traditional beauty. The countertops are made from everlasting material; they form exclusive kitchen countertops. You can choose granite countertops from an array of colors and shades. From different shades of reds, blacks, blues, greens, browns to white, you can choose to install a granite countertop as per your house’s interior decor. Tones such as beige and brown are highly popular among modern homemakers. Granite tones are usually neutral- however, you’ll come across colors that can match your kitchen’s design. You will need to choose the best granite shade for your kitchen countertops. You should select the trending colors. The countertops crafted from granite and featuring cool polished surfaces offer you an incredible surface for tasks like rolling out chapatis or pastry dough.

What are the advantages of installing granite countertops?

  • Tough and hard surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Long-lasting  luster in comparison to other materials
  • Comes in deep and elegant colors and has a polished finish. Consequently, their polish won’t wear off
  • It can be repaired in case of scratches
  • Prevents the accumulation of bacteria
  • They aren’t inflammable even if hot pots are placed on them.

Disadvantages of installing granite countertops

  • Requires maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Can absorb stains if it isn’t sealed properly
  • It can crack easily if it isn’t installed properly
  • Porous in nature
  • Requires resealing at least once a year

Maintenance of granite countertops

To ensure your granite countertops are in the best condition, you should use them with extreme care. You can clean up the spills with warm water and a soft wet cloth. To retain the granite countertop‘s bright look, you can use a clear sealer two to three times a year. You must avoid applying ordinary household cleaners as they can ruin the granite countertop’s surface. Matte finish tiles’ designs vary from each other. They’re available in vitrified and ceramic tiles varieties. Besides, matte finish tiles offer your spaces a subtle yet classic appearance. When installed on floors, these tiles offer anti-skid features. If you’re running out of budget and still want to spruce up your interior’s appearance, these matte tiles are a great option. The prices of the matte tiles are reasonable and can work for all sorts of budgets. You can choose matte finish tiles in different sizes like 600X600 mm, 600X1200mm, 300X300mm. Homeowners can choose from popular matte tiles designs like ODH Leon Flora HL, ODM Leon Grey Light, Rocker Smoky Linex Grey HL, along ODM Arnelia Grey Dark.

Choose Right Granite Countertops

This is always possible if you expect to snatch an amazing deal on granite. People buy granite tops every day with great success. You need to make sure you learn what you want on a kitchen counter. With a little research and value shopping, you will be able to find something that works best for you. Matt finish tiles are the best to adore the floors and walls of your house. They can work marvelously for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. You can choose from matte tiles available in vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles varieties. Everything can be elevated with the help of matte finish tiles. You can mix and match matte tiles for your floors to impart a wooden effect, slate effect, or stone effect. If you wish to go in for something more excellent, you can choose from a range of matte finish vitrified tiles. These tiles can be used for your bathrooms or kitchen floors and walls due to their durability. If you’re willing to install tiles on your floors, the matte finish tiles are an idea as they’re anti-slipper in nature. You can rest assured on these tiles, especially if children, pets, or the elderly live with you. They are easy to maintain and clean.
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