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Top 4 Ideas To Plan A Budget Friendly Wedding!

Planning a wedding is just not easy. It requires a lot of effort and knowledge to plan a good budget-friendly wedding. However, weddings do require a relatively high budget but there are some ways through which you can get it done on a less budget too.

On your wedding day, you would not want to compromise on your wedding rituals such as your outfit, makeup, wedding venue, and a lot more things. However, you are aware of how costly these things are but that’s okay. It’s your BIG day.

While you’re executing everything for your wedding, you will realize how expensive it is to actually buy a sweet box or even arrange for a tent arrangement. Gifts come with hefty price tags and hence you need to put some focus upon some tips about how you can have a budget-friendly wedding. Let’s kickstart!

Top tips to know for a budget-friendly wedding!

1. Formulate a budget

Well, the first and foremost thing before beginning your wedding preps is to know how much budget you are having in hand. This is because the rest of the planning would be done based on this step and hence knowing a budget gives you a fair idea about how you must go with different things on your wedding. Other expenses are also waiting for you such as guest cards, wedding venue arrangements, other functions, etc. For instance, formulating a budget would give you an idea about how much budget you have for spending on wedding outfits, makeup, footwear, etc. This way, your money will be utilized safely and efficiently.

2. Don’t prefer a too flowery arrangement

Flowers look elegant. They render the best look at a wedding, But flowers are way too expensive. If you have a limited budget, then you must avoid having too many flowers at your wedding venue. Having fewer flowers would look good too.

Furthermore, if you have a limited budget, then you should not prefer imported flowers such as Orchids, lilies, etc. Hence, limit the use of flowers or just don’t use them. It saves your money.

3. Make off-season purchase

Purchasing off-sale would lead you to shop at discounted rates. This is because many brands and shop owners run stock clearance sales at this time. So, it’ll be highly preferable for you to buy your wedding attire during this time. This would be an ideal opportunity to make a purchase and choose to book your wedding venues. You can even browse the best lehenga designs from fashion blogs websites.


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4. Create a guest list

Well, If you are running tight on budget, make sure that you are preferring to invite a minimal number of guests to your wedding. Cutting on guests would ensure a budget-friendly wedding. Inviting the ones who are highly close to you would matter. So, why invite more if you can just enjoy and make memories with fewer guests?

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Upon concluding we believe that you must have gone through the entire blog. This means that you must be prioritizing the above-mentioned things to have a budget-friendly wedding. Furthermore, you can read the best personal finance blogs and understand how you can manage your funds at a wedding.


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