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Transforming Lives all over the Globe |The Setroc Group| Francisco Cortes

The Setroc Group was founded in 2017. Mr. Francisco Cortes who is currently leading the group is also one of the founders. It is working to turn the dreams of people into reality.

The Setroc Group Strategic Communications specialized in

  • Integrated PR

The Setroc Group uses the power of advertising to put together the brands we support. Our group of specialists knows things to spread your image in society in general. You can build ardor and talk value; Make crowds inside and outside your control. 

  • Marketing-

You only have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring an idea into the world by using us in advertising plans that are based on innovation and cultivating incredible techniques that produce results. We forge strong partnerships with a wide variety of media writers and bloggers to make a world of difference for them.  

  • Media

 Our remarkably senior team of specialists, media directors, and military personnel reliably shed light on media needs, whether it’s media, on-board systems, down-to-earth readiness in the most fashionable way. Effective branding from a meeting, messaging guidelines, and our collection train clients in prep administration, adprep, and the preparation to prepare them for productive use of media and the authority of sticky communication skills. Speak with the objective collection and reinforced support. For this reason, we firmly apply the power of generosity. Probably the fastest way to market your image is to devote some of your time and assets to charities and institutions. The Setroc Group organizes happy meetings, meetings with individual buyers on special occasions. 

  • And film and video production- 

The Setroc Group is convinced that video content is an essential part of increasing brand reputation in the digital age. We can market your brand through innovative TV or web placements, real-time social media ads, corporate films, and website content. What you are looking for is the best picture to add your story to. Our experienced photography team can take the perfect photos. Whatever your message, we can shoot stunning, high-quality 4K and HD photos and videos to meet your budget and get your brand known. Our Key Differentiations

  • Major Television Network Experience: After leaving the army he worked with many major news channels including Fox News Channel. Francisco Cortes Fox News Feedback brought him and channel many glories. His experience of working with major news channels also helped him build connections and win the trust of his clients. Due to his past experiences, achievements, and hard work, his company has reached a decent level in a very short span.
  • Multicultural team members– The Setroc Group is a team of more than 25 members from all parts of the society who are well experienced and hard-working. 
  • Credentialed, former Journalists– Team the Setroc Group is comprised of former journalists who have been experts in their fields and contributed a lot to the success of the company. 
  • Civilian and military Experience: Francisco Cortes is the organizer and leader of the overall trades firm The Setroc Group. All through his career, he changed the way news interfaces with and enlightens everybody. He drove crucial advances and programming drives that add to the vital achievement of multitudinous NEWS channels. Francisco has driven and instructed gatherings of entitlement- winning pens all through his calling.  


 Core Competencies:

  • Multicultural Outreach
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Public and Media Relations 


  1. Hispanic – American
  2. NMSDC- National Minority Supplier Development Council
  3. Service-Disabled and Supplier Development Council
  4. NVBDC- Certification of Disabled and Veteran–Owned Business
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