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4 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Here to Stay

When you look at your Facebook feed, there’s a high chance that you’ll see at least one video. Before that, social media platforms promoted images all over everyone’s feeds. Today, that has shifted to video content. 

As technology advances, video content has evolved as well. For a business or content creator to exist online, it’s essential that they hone their video content-making skills. 

Today, you can find a lot of video creation companies. Whether they specialize in filmography or explainer videos, there’s no denying that the industry of video creation is certainly growing– and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

So, why is video content making such a strong impact on the digital marketing landscape? In this article, we’re going to dive in and break down four reasons why video marketing is here to stay and will continue to make waves in the digital world.

Videos are all over the web

You’re probably reading this article on a device that can access video content. From YouTube to Facebook, video has taken over the web.  Studies have shown that video content is just more enjoyable to watch compared to text.  


Everywhere you go, you’re bound to run into at least one video. Social media platforms are full of these moving images and search engines are starting to favor them over other types of content as well.  

Videos are easy to digest

People want video content because they are visual creatures, and video provides a storytelling mechanism that is hard to match. When you combine great storytelling with someone who knows how to create video content, it’s a recipe for success. 


No one wants to read through a boring article with no pictures.  Video marketing is a great way to cut through all the noise in the video content landscape, and it allows marketers to tell video stories in a simple format. You don’t need to deal with a lot of text and reading. Instead, you can combine audio, visuals, and text all in one, making video an effective medium to reach your audience. 

Social media platforms encourage video content

You’re probably aware that video content is widely popular on social media platforms.  These video-friendly features have given video marketing a huge push in the digital world— especially with the younger generations, who are more likely to engage with video content online. 


One of the biggest benefits of video content is that it allows creators to engage with their audience. From video marketing to video blogging, video content is more than just sitting in front of a camera and recording some video assets. It’s an incredibly useful communication tool that can help you grow your brand online. 

Videos are easy to share

According to studies, video content gets 1000% more shares on social media than text and images combined. It all boils down to common sense and attention spans. The reality is, no one wants to read a thousand-word article someone shared but they do want to watch a quick 30-second video they came across on Twitter. 


Videos are easy to share because they are easy to digest. It only takes a single tap for a video to play and it can contain so many messages. Hence, everyone loves to share videos and social media platforms encourage this. 

Wrapping Up

There’s a high chance that video marketing is here to stay. 


Not only are video content creation companies popping up everywhere, but video content also has an edge over text-based content in terms of engagement and shares on social media


In today’s video-heavy world, video marketers have a chance to grow their brand online and promote their products through video storytelling. So if video marketing sounds like something your company could benefit from, it’s time to get on board with video content creation– otherwise, you’ll be left behind in the dust.