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Washing Machine Doesn’t Spin? A guide to washing Machine Problems

Are you experiencing issues with your washing machine? Don’t panic! Before you call a pro for help, here are a few simple suggestions that can fix some of the most commonly-repeated problems with washing machines. Before starting, be sure you have the manual for your washer at hand. Not everybody knows which pressure switches and plumbing pipes for water are!

Reading the manual of your washer is always recommend to determine what might be wrong on your machine.

Be sure to Follow any direction in your manual to fix these minor issue and ensure your washer is turn off and disconnect from the main power source prior to trying to resolve any minor electrical problem.

Why My Washing Machine Isn’t spinning?

1. Does the load not have a balanced load?

Yes: If you’ve washed several heavy bath towels, an imbalance could affect the sensors. Try washing a mix of small and large items to ensure everything works.

No: If you’re sure that your machine isn’t overfill or unbalance The following step would be to examine whether or not your machine is properly draining because this could be the cause.

2. Are the outlets getting block?

Yes: If your outlet pipes are block, the water will not drain while the spin will not begin. If you are experience an unpleasant smell in your washing machine, it could be an indication of block drain pipe. run your washing machine through the wash by following these guideline.

No: If the water is draining successfully from the drum, that’s positive indicator. But, your washing machine might still believe there’s water inside, even though there’s no. Check the next step.

3. Does the pressure switch have a problem?

Yes: The pressure switch inform the machine that water has been remove. Test your switch by blowing on your tube, and then listening to a click or ‘click’ sound.

No: If the pressure switch is working in a normal manner It’s an excellent idea to contact a Washing machine repair Dubai. who can examine the machine in order to pinpoint any issues.

I’m having trouble with my Washing Machine Will Not Turn On

1. Is the washer plug into the outlet?

Yes: If the plug is fully press in, it’s a great idea to temporarily disconnect it and plug a new gadget into that same socket to make sure everything is working.

No: It may sound evident, but the plug could easily break when the cable is pull. Take your machine away from the wall, then press the plug with firm pressure back into the correct position.

2. Does the door of the washer close?

Yes: If your washing machine isn’t turning on, however the door is securely and securely shut it could be that there’s an issue with the electricity power supply for the appliance. It is recommended to contact an electrician to solve the issue.

No: Many washing machines won’t turn on when the door isn’t tightly closed to stop leaks and decrease the chance of injury or accident especially for children.

3. Is the fuse into black?

Yes: If you have an open glass fuse and you discern an issue – the fuse has turned black. Consult an electrician. They can repair the fuse.

No: If the reason for your washer not starting isn’t apparent you should contact an electrician. Don’t attempt electrical work yourself. []

What is the reason for my washing Machine making loud noises?

1. Did the machine move from its place?

Yes: If you’ve overfilled the washing machine or you’re washing a large amount, an unbalanced might cause your machine to “walk forwards’, causing an adolescent racket when it moves.

#: If your washing machine is exactly the same position the way it was at the time you filled it with water, balance issues are unlikely, and could be a sign of an issue with the internal motors.

2. Does the machine seem stable as you push it?

Yes: If all four feet of the washing machine are securely on the surface, it’s a good idea to look inside the drum for any obvious problems before calling a specialist.

No: If your washing machine is tilted like an unsteady table leg, it will continuously be able to tip back and forth throughout the spin cycle. This could be the reason for the loud sounds. Make sure that your washing machine is positioned on an even surface.

3. Are there loose objects in the drum?

Yes: Give the drum an easy spin and then look for objects that are loose, such as coins or toys that may have disappeared from pockets, and may be bouncing around during the spin.

No: If you have failed to find the cause of the noise, it could be an issue in the internal functioning in the unit. It’s recommended to speak with an expert.

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The Washing Machine Doesn’t Fill with Water

1. Is the door to the washing machine shut correctly?

Yes: If the door is closed securely with the lock in place (if the machine has one) It suggests the issue is linked with the pipes that carry water or supply.

No: Many machines will not be able to fill up with water when the door isn’t properly secured to prevent leaks. Close the door securely and then try to begin the process over.

2. Are the pipes securely connected with the supply of water?

Yes: If your washing machine isn’t filling with water it may indicate that the water pipes could be blocked and need to be cleaned. This is a simple job – just adhere to the guidelines in the instruction manual.

No: The cold water pipe must be connected to the blue valve for supply along with the hot-water pipe (if suitable) into the valve with red. Also look for leaks around the machine. If there’s a leak you should call an experienced plumber.

3. Are there any blockages in the valves or pipes? filters?

Yes: If the valve filter is dirty, employ flat pliers to clear as much blockage as is possible while taking care not to make holes within the filter. Refer to the manual for your device for any specific guidelines regarding clearing obstructions.

No: If your pipes and filters are clear, but you’re not able to pinpoint the cause of the issue, think about making an appointment with a plumber to examine your water supply.

Have you got any ideas to solve simple washing machine issues at home? Send them to us in the comments below.

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