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What are Some Top Features to look for in Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Systems?

A biometric fingerprint attendance system can be one of the best ways to improve the security of your organization and boost employee productivity and performance. Once these systems are installed, it can be very easy to manage attendances, time logs, entries etc. Attendance of employees can be identified and recorded in the fingerprint attendance machines which are generally installed at the door or the point of entry. Many organizations have witnessed a great boost in the overall efficiency of it’s employees with the installation of such systems. These days, the market overflows with various brands offering various models of these units. But you have to look for one that comes with the following important features:

Payroll management systems integration

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance
Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

The data that is recorded in a biometric fingerprint attendance system plays an important role in giving a boost to HR payroll management processes. When the attendance details of workers are precisely recorded, the HR team finds it easier to calculate salaries of employees perfectly and quickly. You should choose systems that can directly send data to the HR payroll management applications. It can make payroll computations simpler.

High user capacity

You should opt for a biometric fingerprint attendance system that is able to store as well as verify many templates, such as:

  • Palm
  • Face
  • Retina
  • Fingerprints etc.

It is important, even if only a few employees are working in your organization at the moment. Such a device can help in the enrolment of new workers, as your company grows with time.

Superior connectivity

Look for a biometric fingerprint attendance unit that comes with internet connectivity. With the help of the internet, the clock out and clock in time of the employees can be transferred to the HR payroll and attendance systems of the organization. Internet connectivity is also necessary when it comes to keeping the system updated and functional without any bugs. The clock is connected directly to a PC, with the help of a wire or through the internet, it can also be a good idea to look for a system with USB connectivity so that the backup of the data can be completed faster.

360-degree verification angle

Whether it comes to signing in or out, workers are likely to be always in a hurry. The attendance system of your choice should have biometric time trackers equipped with 360-degree verification angles – that can quickly identify employee fingerprints. With such an angle, identification can be easier – irrespective of how the finger was placed on the optical sensor.

Secondary battery backup

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance
Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

Biometric fingerprint attendance units are of two primary types today,

  • Wired
  • Wireless

The wired ones are connected to a power supply with the help of wires. The wireless system, on the other hand, runs on an internal battery. Regardless of the kind of unit that you choose, look for systems that are equipped with a secondary battery backup feature. That way, even in case of a power outage, the system will continue to run constantly.

Final words 

When you find the right model for your business, equipped with all the features, you can be assured of seamless operations for many years to come. While most of the biometric fingerprint attendance devices can be installed and used easily, some instances could arise when you experience a few issues and need expert assistance immediately. That is why, you should always look for biometric fingerprint machines from reputed firms that can offer 24/7 support on-site as well as remote or web-based support. Fast and immediate support can work wonders in resolving your issues.

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