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What are the several contributions made by Burzin Daver to the Livewel Group?

Burzin Daver was awarded the Youngest CEO Award in the year 2002. Daver asserts that “to become an excellent business leader, one should have traits like foresightedness and preparedness” He adds, “a business leader should use strategies and implement a talented and motivated workforce.”

Being backed with managerial and organizational skills and the above-mentioned resources, Daver successfully transformed Livewel Group into a one-stop preferred solution for around twenty-eight airlines. The Livewel Group offers incredible ground services. Besides, the Livewel team offers integral services like aircraft maintenance, ground handling, aviation training, and maintenance. It makes them a top choice in the context of airlines. Daver has successfully widened its business vertical in the segment of Beauty and Health Care.

Burzin Daver- inaugurating an aircraft refurbishment center

Mr. Burzin Daver is looking forward to inaugurating an aircraft refurbishment center within Mumbai. The company aims to serve the aviation sector by offering maintenance, comprehensive repair, and cleaning services.

These progressive facility has gained the approval of the DGCA or the Director-General of Civil Aviation.
Besides, the facility is equipped with advanced tools that offer optimized services. The new facility offers services like restoration of cabin parts and painting. The service aims o restore major parts of any specific aircraft such as trays, carpets, tables, covers, seats, shrouds, seat covers, and fairings.

More importantly, the facility ensures the set up of a new and incredible spray painting booth that can function automatically. The booth will be used to apply a paint coating on all restored cabin parts. It aims to offer a new and original look to the new cabin parts.

Daver started his career with Livewel Group in the year 1989 as a Management trainee. Next, he was bestowed with the title of business manager and became a CEO a few years later. Not only CEO, but Daver has held relevant positions like Director of Engineering and Quality Control Manager- these titles have gained the approval of GCAA.

Daver loves to develop out-of-the-box ideas and collaborate with the world’s best teams to meet the client’s contractual requirements. As a result, he aims to offer the best quality customer services- that’s done through frequent monitoring. The team continues to expand and grow its business through networking and business development meetings. Dave’s drive for startups and business helped him bring SAKS to Mumbai, one of the leading spa chains in the UK. SAKS was awarded the recognition of ‘Best Salon Brand’ in 2013.

Livewel is signing contracts with domestic airlines to ensure the aircraft are cleaned and sanitized.

The cleaning task of domestic airlines is carried out during long halts at several airports during night time. Burzin Daver, Livewel has announced the use of an excellent UVC disinfecting system to clean aircraft.

The decision was taken after the pandemic’s second and third waves struck the country. To ensure the efficient implementation of the system, the Livewel team has taken the essential steps for importing the necessary equipment. Livewel successfully signed contracts with several domestic airlines to clean airports during night halts.

The team aims to ensure passengers can travel stress-free and germ-free even amidst the ongoing pandemic. As numerous domestic airlines are showing their interest in disinfecting and UV cleaning services in the long run, the safety of the airline sector across India can be taken to the next level. Foremost airlines operating within India are familiar with the importance of offering virus-free environments and cabins for their passengers.

Mr. Burzin Daver quoted when addressing the press, “UVC technology is highly effective and can restrict microbial growth.”

Besides, he added, “UVC can combat diseases like coronavirus, ebola, influenza, and norovirus that occur due to growth of germs. The new specialized equipment includes a catering trolley packed with wings. The wings’ length can help them access the overhead bins and seat edges. A strong dosage of ultraviolet rays emerging from a UVC lamp can clean surfaces exposed to germs. This technology can work effectively, whether it’s a widebody or narrow-body aircraft.

UVC technologies can use ultraviolet C rays to sanitize the passenger areas, ac vents, backrest, armrest, passenger seats, and windows. Besides, the UVC can be implemented for searching cockpits, lavatories, overhead baggage compartments, galleries, or the aircraft’s other nook and corners. Meanwhile, Livewel plans to install three machines across the topmost airports within the country. The group trains staff to impart the right ways to use the technology and the machine.

The Livewel group is renowned for offering services to domestic as well as international airlines.

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