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What are the Trendy Styles of Engraved Rings for Women?

Rings are not just the jewelry accessory, but it’s an emotion that holds love. We can see the different types of ring accessories. Like it can be a wedding ring, engagement ring, promise ring, friendship ring, diamond ring, birthstone ring, signet ring, mood ring, trendy engraved rings for women, and more. And you know the best of having custom jewelry is? Well, it’s the hottest jewelry trend of now. 

Likewise, you will have too many jewelry accessories for customized jewelry for women products. But what are the best options for engraved rings for women? Let’s take a look. 

Pretty Styles of Engraved Rings for Women to Try Now

  • Custom Initial Rings 

Show your style with the individual jewelry piece. That expresses your fashion taste in a better way. For showing your individuality, initial rings are just better to go all the time. Moreover, ring accessories don’t have much space to work with long names. For that, initials are the best options to engrave on rings. Custom jewelry stores let you choose your pattern and sizes for customizing initial letters on jewelry. So you can go with tiny or bold letters. 

  • Engraved Birthstone Rings 

As we talk about individuality, therefore birthstones can relate more to add a personal touch. Birthstone rings are suitable for both men and women. You can go for engraving your name or initial letters with birthstones. This piece can be a personal gift for your family or your friends. 

  • Dual & Triple Name Rings 

Here is a classic piece from engraved rings for women collections. Name rings are stunning accessories, but let’s stack them up. As the current trend says, stacking rings are better to style up. So if you are also a fan of stacked rings, try this. Dual name and triple name both are best to go. It depends on you, how would you like to style? 

What are the options for engraving names? Well, you can choose your name, family member’s name, friend’s name, partner’s name, or your loved one’s name. That all works smoothly. 

  • Fingerprint Rings 

Custom jewelry is all about having a personal piece. With the name rings, fingerprint jewelry is also becoming popular. Yes, custom jewelry also offers to print fingerprints on the jewelry piece. It can be soo lovely to gift this piece to your dear person.


Silver, gold, or rose gold materials are most likely suitable for customized jewelry for women accessories. 

  • Custom Designed Heart Rings 

Ring jewelry can be the best option when you gift your lady love. You can easily express your love with heart rings. But let’s add the personalization to the love ring. You can go for engraving names or the initial letter of your partner in custom-designed heart rings. Furthermore, the initial letter will be better working with heart icons. 

  • Verticle Name Rings 

Off from the trend, if you wish to try something unique, then verticle style fits better in your list. Customized jewelry for women products always offers something special that you will love to have. You can go for carving with bar design or letter design both look elegant and stylish. Most of the engraved rings for women products are likely to work with gold, silver, rose gold, and three-tone materials. So you can shop for your selected materials for rings.  

  • Signet Rings 

Here is the most stunning pattern everyone would like to wear. Signet rings are not new in the trend, but it’s the never-off to fashion jewelry. You can go for it all the time. So let’s add the custom jewelry effect in signet rings. Signet rings consist of much space to work with long words, or it’s even possible for customizing up to two names. 

You can include names, dates, initials, or short quotes of your choices in signet-style custom rings. Signet style is as well popular in men’s fashion. So you can casually gift it to your men. 

  • Infinity Rings 

It’s the evergreen ring style to express your love that symbolizes eternity. Infinity rings suit well to engrave one or more names into the ring. Or even you can add the birthstones with names. Infinity rings can be a meaningful gift to share with your spouse, best friend, or family members. 

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  • Name Ring Bands 

Most of us prefer the bands over rings. Bands are the comfy style, that you can style up with casual and formal events. You can walk in with the custom jewelry stores, especially when you want to customize your engagement or wedding bands. You can put in the name or any special date of your moments over ring bands. 

  • Cut out Style Name Rings 

In the engraved rings for women collections, cut-out style is also standing up to match your customization needs. You can nicely spell out your name with cut-out style name rings. 


Well, there are more options available to go with the custom-designed rings. Such as stackable name rings, secret message rings, silicone bands, Spanish name rings, and so on. 

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