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What is monopoly power and how loopholes in Indian Laws have helped tech giants

Sagar Suryawanshi Advocate is best known for fixing the loophole in the Indian Laws system, to ensure that they are not misuse by any. To ensure the same, Sagar Suryawanshi Advocate filed a petition asking for regulations of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc to maintain the decorum of certain judicial practices such as elections. Well, this was something that Sagar Suryawanshi Advocate was successfully able to establish. However, apart from this also these tech giants use many loopholes in the Indian as well as US laws for their benefit. Let’s check how.


Every one of us is aware of the tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. But, have you ever thought about how they have become so dominant in the market? Well, it’s obvious they have swollen up many of their competitors by purchasing them. That’s the major agenda being use by them to stay at the top. In today’s article, we will discuss these tech giants and also how they established their monopoly in India using loopholes in Indian laws. In fact in the USA, many cases have also been fill against these organisations under Antitrust law. To understand these things better, let’s go to the era where the internet did not dominate the advertising world.

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Remember, those days when the advertisement of a product was done through signboard on the road, tv and radio. Most of this now has been completely take over by google ads. In Google ads, advertisers get their ads display, so that their products and services can reach more and more people. You must have seen there many ads keeping displayed on the Google pages. You will be surprise to know that 70% of Google revenues come from Google ads. Let’s dig a little deeper to see how Google is enjoying the monopoly.


As we all know, people from all over the world rely on the internet these days for everything from grocery shopping to finding a life partner for themselves. Whenever we have to search for something, we directly go to Google. The reason is simple, it shows us the best results. But, have you ever wondered how and why Google shows us the best results for all our searches. Like all of us, there are lakhs of other people who are constantly searching on google, due to which Google can accumulate a lot of data.

This is the prime reason it can show you the best results and with accurate filter options. Due to this reason also, Google has been able to establish its dominant position in the world. Similarly, the maximum number of times we click on any website, the high ranking is give to them and they are display at the top of the page by google during Google search. Many states in the US have filed cases against Google for playing monopoly in advertising and search engines and also for overcharging from the publishers.


Let’s talk about another tech giant which is being use by many people as a source of income since they purchase in bulk from this shopping app and then resell it. Yes, I am talking about Amazon. In case of Amazon, the price which is list at the top get sold out fast. Hence, to list the product at the top, Amazon collects money or some revenue from the seller. From the sane revenue, Amazon subsides the products and gives discounts on them.

Now, since discount have always attract customer,  product gets sold out easily. And since Amazon sells things at a much cheaper rate, therefore the purchase is huge. This is how Amazon has established its monopoly and has been ruling the market for many years now. It has come a long way from selling only books to selling almost everything now. This is the main reason why many people firmly believe that Amazon has created a dominant position for itself in the market.



The tech giants such as Google, Amazon etc have been practising huge monopolies for years now. However, after the law reforms introduced by Sagar Suryawanshi Advocate, these things have reduced to a certain extent.

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