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What Training Is Required for FedEx Drivers?

With the ever-increasing demand for packaging, the role of drivers is increasingly critical to the overall success of any business. Due to the ever-increasing number of packages, more drivers are needed to handle higher volumes. For this reason itself, it is important to make plans to hire more drivers. This includes establishing a rental system, training these potential drivers, and the number of stops to be expected from FedEx Drivers.

Qualifications Drivers Need To Meet To Work For FedEx

In the FedEx business, continuous hiring is especially important when the workload rises or the driver is fired or decides to leave. Apart from the ongoing hiring process, there is a risk that packages may be delivered or not received on time which contributes to the success and reputation of the business in the long run.

Like other industries, there are certain qualifications and expectations that drivers need to meet in working in this field.

The following is a list of possible driver qualifications to become a FedEx driver. Drivers must make sure that they:

  1. Have professional driving experience during the last three years of their career or should now enroll in driving courses at entry-level. Driving information from many different industries such as Uber or Lyft, military, construction, etc., is considered for this purpose.
  2. Are at least 21 years old.
  3. Have passed the FedEx Ground-approved drug testing and physical examination of the Department of Transport (DOT).
  4. Complete a full background check- In the background test, potential drivers should not have DUI or criminal records on their records.
  5. Hold a valid and renewed driver’s license and must not hold a record containing the maximum number of accidents or violations in its record.

These qualifications are required to be considered and employed as a driver by FedEx. It should be noted that it takes between 7 and 21 days for new drivers to pass the accreditation process provided by FedEx Ground. For this reason, hiring programs prepare such businesses for unexpected situations.

Delivering packages within the drivers’ fixed location is stated as their main responsibility for their contract with FedEx Ground. If drivers are unable to access staff routes to meet delivery capacity, it leads to serious service problems. These problems could seriously jeopardize their existing contract with FedEx Ground. For this reason, more drivers should be hired when the volume goes up.

Finding new jobs under the role of FedEx drivers –

Hiring new drivers is not that complicated, especially with the various job portals available online. To find new drivers for their company, other websites used to post their work, Indeed and Craigslist. Both of these job postings are excellent resources that come in handy when looking for jobs in Elizabeth City NC.

These job websites, job titles, job descriptions, and much more are available with just one click. Additionally, it makes it easier for potential job seekers and employers to offer potential employment opportunities.

 How long does it take for new drivers to complete the training process-

Once a person meets the qualification and has completed all the checks required by FedEx Ground, it is time for the company to train a new driver who has hired him. Generally, training can take anywhere between 5 to 10 days. Training is a stage process, which means that there are different levels of training that new drivers receive. Training usually includes:

Scanner Training

Scanner training involves a new driver sitting in the passenger seat and scanning each package carefully. Additionally, they have to grab each box, scan it, and type the correct code for all packages. Scanner training gives new drivers the opportunity to learn how to use a scanner and read codes that allow FedEx to know the status of a package.

 Driver Training

After understanding the scanning procedure, the next step is driver training. This is where new drivers learn to use their fleets. The time required to complete the training depends on how fast the driver learns to drive and drive safely. Under this training, drivers also learn the different routes and challenges posed by these routes. 

Driver Training Programs

Some contractors prefer to hire experienced operators through FedEx itself. However, hiring employees with this type of experience disrupts the hiring of employees who may have a different but more time-consuming and hard-working driving background.

Training programs such as L-10 and L-20 assist companies in hiring employees that they want to be part of their team. These systems ensure that crews will be safe and fit to use ships safely and efficiently.

How are FedEx Ground drivers paid?

The amount paid to FedEx employees depends on a variety of factors such as company budget or years of experience. There are two main ways to pay employees: a day’s wage or an hourly rate.

Fixed Day Salary

Daily fixed salary The fixed salary that a driver will receive per day, such as $ 150 a day, no matter how long it takes to complete a task. This means they will get that salary whether they work 10 or 6 hours. Using this payment method is encouraging drivers to do their job as quickly as possible. In addition, it creates better performance in the organization because employees know that if they finish beforehand, they will still get the same amount.

Hourly Rates

Each hour encourages employees to take as long as possible as many hours lead to greater pay. It is difficult to monitor an employee who intentionally extends his or her time to increase hours as the inspecting officers are not in the truck. Unlike the daily wage that encourages employees to work hard to complete their work, an hourly wage does the opposite. Employees will try to stay longer by taking more time to complete their work.

How many steps are needed for drivers to complete

The total amount of stopping machines will depend on the miles per day the company operates. For example, if they are running 100 miles or less, drivers should be able to finish between 150-230 stops a day, including taking pictures. As the company brings in miles increase per day it does, the number of stops will decrease. It should be borne in mind that the number of parking spaces will vary depending on the type of area in which the organization is located. There are two types of places companies can have, urban and rural routes-

Cities VS. Home Routes

Urban trails require a few miles and stops are at a distance. This means that workers will set a higher value. Although these types of routes require higher pre-existing costs, long-term benefits include, reducing car aging and saving on fuel costs. However, motorists on city roads face challenges such as traffic congestion, traffic congestion, and parking.

Rural routes usually have stops that are farther away from the distance. This means that the team will travel many miles and stop slightly. However, operating on rural routes means that ships will accumulate a large number of miles in a short period. Working on routes that require more standing will lead to an increase in the aging of your vessels. 

There are many challenges that FedEx Ground contractors have to deal with when it comes to hiring qualified pilots and training pilots to use ships safely and efficiently.

As mentioned earlier, the success of any FedEx contractor route falls to their team of transport drivers who perform all the tasks, from truck loading to package delivery. 

With a strong training program, new drivers are ready to do their job successfully. This not only affects their safety and productivity but also increases business profitability.

Scanner Training

Scanner training trains new drivers on how to use scanners.

During this part of the training, new staff accompany existing drivers and inspect packages along the way. In this way, they learn how to use the scanner system, as well as the appropriate codes to reflect the current state of each delivery.

It is noteworthy that not all FedEx route businesses use the same type of scanner. Even though the new drivers once operated on other FedEx routes, they may not have implemented a specific business scanner program. Be sure to check the driver’s prior knowledge and use the scanner training as required.

Driver Training

Driver training involves the use of delivery vehicles and routes.

Next, new employees learn how to safely drive trucks or delivery vans. 

It should be borne in mind that an employee with a clean driving record still needs driver training. The same goes for employees who once worked as delivery drivers for other businesses. This is important for keeping drivers safe on the road.

Drivers also learn the route during this part of the training. They have the opportunity to ask questions and look at potential problems as they occur, such as difficulty parking or traffic flow.

FedEx requires drivers to have at least one year of professional driving experience over the past 3 years. But what if the contractor would like to hire an inexperienced candidate?

ELDP such as Fleet Response or GroundCloud may qualify drivers for FedEx approval. These programs — which include training courses, questions, and safety techniques — provide much-needed training for new drivers, even if they do not have the necessary experience.

Once you are ready to become a FedEx router, you should contact a certified contractor today. This will help you find a wealth of educational content about using FedEx routes.

All states require FedEx competitors to conduct multiple-choice tests that test their general knowledge of trucks and understand the rules for safe driving, first aid, and firefighting. The test covers a wide range of information-based questions found in one place in the book ‘2019 Facts for Drivers’.

Connecting with knowledgeable people will make your training trip smoother and more successful. If you haven’t found the right person to ask these questions, here are some helpful tips from FedEx veteran competitors:

  1. Ask your family, friends, and other drivers to ask you about the facts of the drivers’ activities that lead to the race.
  2. Use flashcards to write questions and answers in the book – ‘2019 Drivers’ Facts ’on different sides of the 3 x 5 reference cards.
  3. Ask your supervisor to ask you about the information in the book ‘2019 Drivers’ Facts’ before you leave.

Pre-Travel Checks

Pre-Trip Inspection is based on the practice that many FedEx drivers do daily. One of the keys to winning this part of the state competition is to create a consistent routine and practice it in less than six minutes.

As before, here are some common tips from experienced competitors:

  1. Get comfortable by doing a quick check.
  2. Practice timely testing during your break with other competitors.

The following topics can be considered as examples of pre-trip video:

Step Van Pre-Trip Video

5-Axle Pre-Travel Video

5-Axle Sleeper Pre-Travel Video

We understand that FedEx driver training can be frustrating and sometimes confusing. I hope this article is helpful!!!

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