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Big Data is a popular technology , and the huge quantity of data generated by users on a daily basis is the cause for its rapid rise in Technology over the global space.

Nowadays, every user is linked to the internet and uses the majority of online services, whether it’s for money transfer, job search, technological research, knowledge search or basic browsing, it has create different fanbase.

Uses of Data Analytics: As a Smart choice

· Companies these days create a massive quantity of data, regardless of whatever industry they are in, and there is a need to store this data so that it can be analysed .

· Big Data platforms allow a massive quantity of data to be gathered and analysed in order to generate new products.

Orbit for Data Analytics as a Career in 2021

Right today, data analytics is a way of life. With the ever-increasing production of data, experts who can play with it are in high demand. The act of turning raw data into useful information that can be used by businesses to make various decisions is known as data analytics.

Key Points to considerate: As Growth hub in India

  • The scope of data analysis is broad and popular, and India is one of the largest marketplaces for data analysis capabilities.
  • India is the fastest-growing location for outsourcing data analytics skills, with data analysis creation and utilisation skyrocketing.
  • India is the fastest-growing location for outsourcing data analytics skills, with data analysis creation and utilisation skyrocketing.
  • For Fresher ,to data analysis, the path to a career as a Business Analyst might lead to a greater level of progress in Data Science.

Career Prospects and Growth in Big Data:

  • Expected and Higher need for Data Analytics.
  • Big Investments Planning.
  • Better and Customized Profile
  • Business Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Architect Data Solution
  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Associate
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Timely Hike In Salary.
  • Diversified Opportunities to avail
  • Usages stretches from Professional to vocational Sectors.

Skills to find Big Data : An Analytics Course in Noida

  • Spark
  • SQL
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Architect
  • Scala
  • Linux

Roles and Responsibilities of Big Data Analyst:

  • Defining the business’s objectives and data assets
  • Databases and data systems creation and management
  • Obtaining information from reliable sources and interpreting it for interested parties like as stakeholders, clients, and owners.
  • Existing reporting systems should be improved and updated.
  • Create a technique and practises that will produce positive results.
  • For complex business queries, develop data mapping strategies.
  • Analyze customer behaviour on a regular basis to keep up with the newest developments and trends.
  • Interact and communicate with other team members such as engineers, organisational chiefs, and programmers to improve your analysis process.

Key reason to Invest your Future in Big Data Analyst:

1. High in Demand       : Data is the need of the hour for such a large amount of data because each query necessitates a unique solution, which in turn necessitates the information or data to rely on.

2. A Challenging Job with New Learning each time :Data Analyst Increases one’s ability to confront problems with practical answers rather than just sitting at your computer fretting on daily basis.

3. Regular and timely Growth: This field puts your patience, problem-solving skills, analytical, and visual talents to the test on a regular basis.

4. Higher Pay Scale that makes life potentially viable : The pay of a data analyst may not be as high as that of other jobs in other industries. However, depending on your degree of expertise and talents, you may be able to increase your income. 

Big Data Analyst : Salary in India based on Employer Scope of Work.

As the best Online Data Analyst Training Institute in Delhi, ensuring the knowledge that different companies and employers have different requirements in mind while hiring a data analyst.

The compensation of a data analyst is impacted by the company’s position in the market, as well as the job function and abilities necessary.

Top 10 companies where Data Analysts places their foot:

  1. Flipkart
  2. Cognizant
  3. Tata Consultancy Services
  4. Accenture
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. Capgemini India Pvt ltd
  7. Infosys
  8. Genpact
  9. LatentView Analytics
  10. Novartis

The Average pay scale for a Big Analyst Fresher or Experienced ranges from ₹289K – ₹1M/year.

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Data Analyst : Salary in Other Developed Countries.

Dubai, UAE – AED 19K – AED 239K

Australia – AU$52K – AU$100K

Canada – C$41K – C$77K

England – £24K – £47K

USA – $44K – $86K


1. Is Data Analytics a good career?

Yes, data analytics is an excellent career choice because data has become an important element of any industry’s decision-making process. As the most demanding Job , making it the most wisest and finest Choice.

2. Do data analysts work from home due to Covid -19 ?

Yes, data analysts may work from home since their job entails gathering, cleaning, evaluating, and sharing data for valuable insights.

3. How much money do data analysts make?

In India, a data analyst’s basic compensation ranges from Rs.300K to Rs 1M per year. Many factors, including experience, geographical Location, employer, and abilities you gain, play a vital part in determining this compensation scale.

4. What are the top 3 skills for a data analyst?

The top 3 skills required for a data analyst are

  1. SQL
  2. Technical Skills like programming language Python, R
  3. Data Quality Skills
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