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Discovering Sri Lanka: Top Tourist Attractions and Hidden Gems

It is recommended to have at least two weeks to discover Sri Lanka properly – the transportation and infrastructure, while improving, is far from being the best, which makes traveling across Sri Lanka a fun adventure. My personal favorites were the Kandy to Ella train as well as experiencing Elephants in the wild on a Safari and wandering through the gorgeous hills. Beaches are a must along the south coast, and you’re bound to find one that is nearly empty.

The top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

Beaches empty along the coast


Although beaches close in Galle, as well as Unawatuna, are well-developed, take a drive through the coastline to Mirissa and Matara, where you will enjoy a whole stretch of sand.

The Historic Triangle


The most well-known in Sri Lanka’s UNESCO places are all within easy reach of each other and favor some stunning structures and ruins to be explored (see further below for more details).

Wildlife Safaris


There is a wide choice when it comes to the wildlife of Sri Lanka. Yala National Park, home to Leopards, Monkeys, Elephants and much more, offers an experience that is less expensive in comparison to its African counterparts. Whale marine safaris can be must-dos in the season.

Exploring Tea Fields


These hill communities, specifically in the vicinity of Ella or Nuwara Eliya, are home to numerous tea plantations. Visit factories, enjoy tastings, and enjoy the beautiful green landscapes.


Sri Lanka travel offers visitors many unforgettable experiences. From bustling Kandy to Ella’s peaceful hills, Sri Lanka provides visitors with an abundance of attractions. Experience an unforgettable journey aboard the Kandy to Ella train journey for unforgettable views of lush tea plantations, landscapes, and green hillsides. Wildlife enthusiasts will want to take advantage of a safari at Yala National Park, where you can witness elephants, leopards, and exotic birds in their natural environment. 

Visit Adams Peak


This isn’t a trek for the faint of heart, but the views are worth the early rise to reach this sacred summit.

Unique places to visit in Sri Lanka

The Kandy to Ella Train


This train journey has become a tourist draw. With just a handful of trips every day, the touts have been caught purchasing tickets ahead of time and then selling them at a high price.

Minneriya Elephant migration


The national park is home to one of the most stunning Elephant gatherings I’ve witnessed. With over 300 elephants leaving the dry north in May and September, this park is a must-see Safari.

Stilt Fishermen of the South


Fishing in the traditional ways of Sri Lanka involves balancing on a wooden rod and navigating the ocean to catch your catch. Today, it is increasingly a tourist attraction, with people posing for photos and women collecting “donations’. I drove by these shows and stumbled upon an uninhabited area further down the coastline where a group of fishermen without any observers were still practicing this wonderful method.


Take advantage of the stunning beaches along Sri Lanka’s south coast, too – remember the tranquil beaches where you can find your slice of paradise! Whether exploring historic ruins in the Cultural Triangle or trekking up Adam’s Peak for an incredible journey! Sri Lanka travel provides unforgettable adventure.

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