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How to get kids interested in studying Quran

Quran is a religious text of Islam. It is the word of God as revealed to Muhammad, prophet and messenger of Allah. Quran is divided into chapters called surah, which are subdivided into verses called. The Quran teaches that people who believe in one God and do good deeds will receive salvation from their sins on Judgment Day. Children should be able to read the Qur’an for themselves at a young age so they can have an understanding of what it says and why it is important for them- especially if you want your children to study more about religion later on in life.

Make studying Quran a family activity

When it comes to studying the Quran, some people may think that it is something that should only be done in a mosque or with a religious leader. However, if you want to make studying Quran a family activity, there are ways you can do this. In fact, by making Quran study a part of your regular routine, you and your family can gain a better understanding of Islam and its teachings. Studying Quran together can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. Not only does it help deepen your understanding and connection to Allah SWT, but it also provides an opportunity for family bonding.

Enroll your child in online Quran classes

Are you looking for a way to help your child learn Quran? If so, enrolling them in online Quran classes may be the perfect solution. These online Quran classes for kids provide a convenient and affordable way for your child to learn this important religious text. In addition, online Quran classes can help your child build their skills in reading, writing, and comprehension.

Read the Quran in Arabic and then English to make it more accessible
There are various approaches that translators may take when translating the Quran into another language, including complete translation of the Arabic version word-for-word with no changes or additions at all; a more liberal interpretation of the original meaning without any attempt to translate directly from Arabic; or something in between these two extremes. there are many benefits to reading the Quran in both Arabic and English. By reading it in both languages, you can make the text more accessible and better understand its teachings. Additionally, when you read the Quran in Arabic, you are able to connect with Muslims all over the world who recite it in its original language. Reading the Quran in both Arabic and English is a great way to learn more about this sacred text and its meanings

Create a routine for studying Quran with your child

Learning Quran is most rewarding when it becomes a habit. The key to creating a routine that sticks is finding the best time for both you and your child to study together. A good starting point would be waking up, before school starts or during dinner. Once you find the perfect time, try to stick with it as much as possible because consistency helps make habits stronger Here are some ways to do it Set aside time each day to study together. This can be done before or after school, at bedtime or before sleep, during lunch break at work. Choose one chapter each week (or more if desired) and commit to reading it out loud together. Read the same chapter over again in order to reinforce what has been learned. Teach your child how the letters are pronounced by showing them on an Arabic keyboard or writing them on paper.

Work on memorization techniques

There is no doubt that the Quran is a great source of guidance and wisdom for Muslims. The challenge, however, is to memorize all of it. Many people struggle with this task, but there are ways to improve your memorization techniques. For children, memorizing the Quran is a way to show their dedication to their faith and to prepare for their future roles as adults in the Muslim community. But learning how to recite and memorize the Quran can be a daunting task, especially for young children. Fortunately, there are techniques that can make the process easier and more fun for kids.


If you want to make studying Quran a family activity, there are many ways to do so. First, enroll your child in an online Quran class that they can work on at their own pace and time. This way, the learning process is tailored more specifically towards them while still giving them access to expert teachers for help if needed. Second, read the Quran in Arabic first before reading it in English; this will allow you both to get used to pronunciations as well as learn how different words sound when written out phonetically instead of just relying on transliteration from one language into another. Finally, create a routine for studying with your child by picking specific times each week where either one or both parents dedicate some time every day

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