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Keep your Kids Busy Learning through Best Spelling Apps for Kids

The work culture and modern education rely on digital screens and the fast and early your kids learn to type on these screens, the best. Very few people are aware of having a good vocabulary and being a speller. In case you notice the marks in the spelling test of your child is falling, or you wish to make your kid a spelling champion, here you will be convinced.

The classroom environments are in combination with technology that students are engaged in learning and writing spelling correctly. There are best spelling apps for kids that introduce your kids to applications in an interactive and fun way.

Best Spelling Apps for Kids

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‘Lady Bird: I am Ready to Spell’

Spelling app for kids presents a combination of three themed games where one is to collect stars as he passes the outer space. There are scrambled spellings, speedy spellings, and sinking spellings. The parents are allowed to add spellings that are taught in the school of their child. This is a must-have so that your child learns spelling through the spelling app.

Spelling Monster

This is one of the best spelling apps for kids. It has several games such as Word Scramble, Hangman, Word Search, Words with Friends, Crossword, and more. It offers your child a nice experience to learn and practice. This app allows progressing of kids the following statistics such as:

  • How frequently spelling monster can be used?
  • The Last date played
  • The time we played
  • Spelling word list of the child.
  • The time length it was played.

Curious George

This is a spelling app that is in a game form suitable for 5th graders. It is the Best Animation Apps. This is a game based on an adorable money ‘George’ character. It helps children while playing such that it is an app that helps your child in developing the alphabet’s sense and reading skills in your child.

We all wish to spend time exploring and learning. There are times when you are not realistic, regardless of the transport mode, a car, an airplane or some road trip. Having access to your iPad or iPhone stocked wit apps means it is the best gift ever.

Intro to Colors

Intro to colors is better played on a tablet as it keeps the kids engages through mixing colors, matching games, exploring and painting. This makes people addict, but for children, this absorbing app is entertaining as the Best Animation Apps.

Toca Pet Doctor

Toca Pet Doctor is an app featuring fifteen cartoon-ish, adorable animals to grab your intention. The activities are geared to help several animals. It can be a small pup or a worm trying to take a bath or managing to live gently.

The Neopets-EsqueToca Pet Doctor introduces you to fifteen adorable, cartoon-ish animals who all need attention. Made for 2- to 6-year-olds, activities are geared around helping the animals with various needs, be it a puppy who needs a bath or a worm who’s managed to tie itself in a knot.


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