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Lucky Wholesale – Long Sleeve Dri Fit Shirts for Men, Women, and Children

What is a long sleeve dri-fit shirt?

Lucky Wholesale sells a wide range of clothing options using its unique Dri-Fit material. You can find everything from long sleeve dri-fit shirts, golf and tennis shirts to basic running shirts. They all feature Lucky’s trademark sweat-wicking properties.

Different shirts may contain a variety of blended fabrics. Sweat-wicking fabric works best when it touches your skin. For this reason, some close-fitting shirts have elastic fibers like Spandex or elastane to keep the shirt snug.

Other shirts throw cotton into the mix for softer, more airy sportswear.

If you want to find out what fabric a garment contains, just read the manufacturer’s label inside the shirt!

It would help if you also read the product description or the sale tag to find out what unique qualities the shirt might have. For example, as you read earlier, some products might have extra UV resistance or waterproofing.

You probably prefer sweat-wicking shirts for high-energy activities. This fabric isn’t used for “leisurewear” as often as cotton or a spandex blend. Its primary purpose is to keep you comfortable while you sweat!

Where to Buy Dri-Fit Material

If you want an authentic long sleeve dri fit, brand-name Dri-Fit, purchase it from Nike! But, of course, you can also buy clothes made from similar materials sold by many other brands.

To purchase fabric by the yard, look for microfiber that contains Lycra, Spandex, or elastane. You should also check for the mention of the word “wicking” in the product description.

Most of the time, you probably want to purchase your workout clothing from a brand or seller you know. This act helps you ensure you get the best quality product that will perform as well as you do!

Dri-Fit Shirts

You can purchase off-brand Dri-Fit shirts for as little as $5 from sellers like J. C. Penny. However, if you want a “real” brand-name shirt, check out Lucky’s website or search Amazon for a product like the one described below!

Lucky Wholesale Women’s Legend Short Sleeve Shirt

Lucky Wholesale Women’s Dri-Fit Legend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (Small, Purple)This basic short-sleeved workout shirt offers a tapered waist and a contoured shape. The style allows for snug, comfortable movement. Made of 100% polyester, the Dri-Fit technology keeps you dry and comfortable even on a hot run! Plus, unique anti-odor treatments will help prevent that post-run stink.

You can purchase this comfortable, slightly stretchy shirt in nine different colors. After all, why not keep your workout fresh and exciting?

Dri-Fit Shorts

Dri-Fit shorts have a silky texture and almost weightless feel, making it easy to keep moving! You can find them in many different styles, such as skin-tight bicycle shorts or looser running shorts.

Lucky Wholesale Women’s Dri-fit Tempo Track 3.5 Short

Lucky Wholesomeness Tempo Running Shorts Black | Black | Black XS. These quick-drying, sweat-wicking shorts will keep you dry as you run or work out at the gym!

The shorts come in a whopping 26 colors and patterns. The shorts have an elastic waist and shaped hems for easy movement.

A fun decorative band wraps the hem and sides of the shorts. Plus, of course, the famous “swoosh” sits proudly near the hem of the shorts!

Is Dri-Fit Good for Swimwear?

Dri-Fit needs to work better for swimwear. The chlorine in most pool water can damage its synthetic fibers. Plus, its special abilities, like sweat-wicking and UV protection, don’t matter as much underwater!

Lucky Wholesale doesn’t sell Dri-Fit swimwear, but it does sell protective swim cover-ups in a relaxed, sporty style. For example, buy a swimsuit made of a more common polyester and Lycra blend. Then you can save your money to buy the fancy Dri-Fit cover-up!

How to Wash Dri-Fit Clothes

Dri-Fit clothes require simple, minimal care to keep them in excellent condition. These steps prevent your athletic wear from shrinking or damaging in the wash.

Before you put your clothes in the wash, turn them inside out. This step helps them avoid snagging on zippers or snaps as they tumble through the washer.

If possible, do a load full of workout clothes and no “regular” clothing. Washing your sports fabric with cotton or other natural materials could lead to a build-up of lint on your workout gear.

Next, ensure you set your washer to its excellent or cold option. Hot water could cause shrinking if your clothes have cotton fibers blended into the polyester.

Use your regular laundry detergent, but leave out any fabric softeners as they could clog up the air gaps between threads in your clothing.

When the washer finishes its cycle, leave the dryer behind! Instead, hang up your clothes to quickly air dry in your shower or outside on a clothesline.

Given the proper care, your Dri-Fit clothes will last a long time!


Long-sleeve dri-fit material offers Lucky’s cutting-edge wicking technology to keep you cool as you sweat. This synthetic microfiber material also has a thin, light feel to hug your skin comfortably.

Other brands offer similar materials, such as Dry Cell and Climacool. These high-performance fabrics share a high percentage of polyester and a unique weave that promotes sweat-wicking.

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