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MRF Cricket Bat Collection | Cricket Mart UK

The MRF Genius VK Series is a cricket bat designed for Virat Kohli’s class and dominating batting style. This cricket bat features a flat toe blade, massive f7 countered edges, and is one of the most popular and well-made models in the world. With an edge length of 38mm to 40mm, it is the perfect size for a professional cricket bat. The MRF Genius VK also features a rounded face and a high spine.

The MRF Genius Junior Cricket Bat features a smooth rounded swell on the blade. It can cut, hook, and pull any cricket ball. It also has an exaggerated bow. The MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 is a flagship bat in the MRF range and has been built to meet the specifications of the Indian cricket star. It is made from Grade 1 and Premium Players Grade English Willow for maximum power and balance.

MRF Drive cricket bat

The MRF Drive cricket bat features prominent grains and an excellent balance. Its MRF cricket bat offers a solid construction and excellent control. Sachin Tendulkar and the MRF brand are synonymous. A dazzling performance with a MRF bat will leave you wondering why you didn’t start using one before. They’re both the most popular cricket bats in the world. These brands are known for creating exceptional cricket equipment.

The MRF Full Profile Bat features a big player profile and a wide sweet spot. MRF Grand Edition is a great choice for explosive players and is ideal for all strokes. This MRF Multi piece imported Sarawak Cane Handle delivers optimal power and control. The MRF Full Blade features a wide and dense shoulder for optimal balance. This cricket bat is also extremely light to handle. It is one of the few cricket bats that are perfect for Indian conditions.

English willow

MRF Cricket bats are made of English willow. They have a natural seasoning process that enhances the performance of cricket bats. MRF Cricket willow is naturally durable and easy to maintain. They are available in a variety of colors, and will make it easier for you to customize your game. MRF is a worldwide brand, so you can be sure it’s quality. The company’s MRF Bats sold at over 350 retail outlets throughout the country.


MRF cricket bats are among the most popular cricket bats. They offer quality, balance, and performance. The MRF GENIUS VK 18 junior is an excellent option for front foot and back foot players. Its sweet spot is 40mm, and its edges are 38mm, making it ideal for all-around play. The MRF GENIUS GRAND EDITION 3.0 CRICKET BAT 2021 made of English willow and is great for both front and back foot play.

The MRF GENIUS VK 18 Junior Cricket Bat endorsed by Virat Kohli, but it is a step below the MRF Genius Grand Edition junior cricket bat. The VK 18 features extra scooping in the back for optimal balance. The MRF GK 18 has an average bow and made of Grade 3 English willow. Its power potential is exceptional. The MRF GENIUS GRAND EDITION 3.0 is an exceptional cricket bat for your child.

MRF Genius 360 degree

The MRF Genius 360 degree English willow cricket bat is a professional level cricket bat. Its design is a replica of Ab De Viller’s original Cricket bat. This MRF genius willow has a natural concave back and minimal swell. The MRF Genius has a standard length of 1180g. This MRF Genius 360 degrees are the most advanced bats available for juniors.

The MRF Genius 360 degree English willow cricket bat is a professional level cricket bat. Its design is a replica of the Cricket bat of Ab De Viller. It made with a special technique that incorporates natural English willow compression. The MRF Genius balanced, and provides excellent grip and control. The weight of the MRF G4 is 1180g to 1250g. This is the standard size of a professional cricket bat.

The MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat is a natural finish cricket bat. It has a premium bat case. It is an exact replica of Virat Kohli’s Cricket-specific cricket-bat. They made of English willow and features a classic players profile. It features a massive F2 contoured edge and a mid-sweet spot. The MRF Genius is an excellent bat for cricket players.

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