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Philip Anandraj Hotelier Gives 7 Tips to Help You Turn a New Hotel Into A Big Success

What factors contribute to the success of a hotel? The key to hotel success is to always be on the lookout for innovative ways to exceed your customers’ expectations and provide fun activities for your guests. You’ll be well on your way if you set your sights on these objectives as set out by Philip Anandraj hotelier

1. Location is crucial in the hotel sector

Your hotel’s location is critical to its success. So, where should a hotel be located?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question. Turn to tourism data to determine the best solution for you. For instance, you can obtain information to assist you in comprehending:

  • The number of visitors from within the country vs those from outside the country
  • Choosing between renovating an old hotel and building a new one
  • If you want to attract visitors or enterprises,
  • If you can get group business, that’s great.

2. Pay attention to the reviews

You can use feedback to improve your entire site, but you can’t rely solely on checkout feedback forms. After all, your visitors aren’t going to stop there. They’ll turn to the internet to vent their frustrations on social media and review sites.

What options do you have? Read any new reviews about your hotel that have been submitted, and respond to irate consumers with a gentle response. Keep in mind that word of mouth is your most effective marketing strategy.

Keep an eye on your competitors’ reviews as well. Use reviews to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Then make sure you’re doing everything you can to succeed where they’re failing.

3. Bring in a lot of good leads

In the hotel sector, group business is the key to bringing in big cash.

That implies you’ll need to go out and find planners and make yourself known. You must go where the planners are and deliver your content through their preferred means. Customer references aren’t enough!

Social Tables makes it simple to grow your direct bookings business on your website and earn more exposure in our venue marketplace with a strong, interactive lead form that can be distributed across any marketing channel. You’ll be able to personalize your listing so that you’re putting your best foot forward for all 100,000+ registered planners who are seeking venues.

4. Provide customers with a unique experience

The modern hotel sector encompasses a lot more than just providing lodging and room service. You must identify your guests’ wants and expectations in order to present them with an overall innovative experience. Other activities may entice young tourists who normally spend less time inside the hotel. The list includes live music, poolside fun, fitness courses, spas, and unique gastronomic experiences.

5. Make sure your visitors are safe

It is critical to have a full awareness of safety standards as well as the capacity to remain calm in an emergency situation. The safety and security of your visitors should always be your top priority.

Ensure that all sprinklers and smoke detectors are operational, that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained throughout the hotel — particularly in the kitchen — that swimming pools are cleaned on a regular basis, that room service is current, and that guest concerns are addressed.

6. Communication is the key 

A hotel team’s most important ability is communication. To avoid errors and confusion, hotel manager should teach their personnel how to communicate.

Listening to your guests, understanding their difficulties, and appreciating their input are all examples of good communication. Every team member’s excellent communication can quickly impress a guest and turn them into a devoted customer.

7. Allow managers to be flexible

Customers’ expectations of a hotel can be vastly different. Giving your hotel managers the authority to make decisions in emergency situations empowers them to provide prompt service to your customers. This decision-making authority allows them to turn around an improbable scenario and build a positive reputation for the hotel, as well as client loyalty and satisfaction.

Final Thoughts 

The hotel sector might be difficult to navigate, but not if you have the perfect recipe for success. Make sure that your property and crew possess these eight characteristics, and your firm will flourish. For better understanding and insightful tips, you can always refer to Philip Anandraj hotelier

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