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Top 10 Free Robux Sites

Generally, players can purchase Robux from the official website or by getting a premium membership. While Robux purchases can be expensive, they are the legitimate way of buying the currency. Moreover, premium memberships also provide extra benefits to the buyers, such as trading privileges or selling rights for items.

However, if you cannot afford to buy it from the official account, there are plenty of places you can get some for free. While most sources include digital codes and redeemable cards, we have found some websites that will help you get the best deals for your trouble. Here are the top ten websites that can help you get free Robux:

Survey Junkie

This website is an excellent way for people to make money for free without any sort of scams or online fraud. Survey Junkie is a market research company that asks its clients to give their feedback on various questions related to products, services, and sales. It’s a type of survey that the group conducts online, and it helps them gather data and better their strategies. In return for their valuable answers, the participants get to win small amounts of money from the site for free!

Now, we do realize this isn’t Greenville Roblox; however, it is an indirect step for you to buy some from the money you win! The site is genuine and does not steal any data without your consent.


Swagbucks is the product of Prodege LLC and came out in 2005 as a survey/market-research website. The site has an upward of twenty million users and has been relatively popular on the internet. It works in the same vein as Survey Junkie and awards its clients with money and gift cards.

While it doesn’t offer you Robux directly, it pays a lot to the customers and is highly beneficial for anyone looking to make cash in their free time.

Inbox Dollars

Since it became active in 2000, this site has awarded at least $59 million to its users in the twenty-two years of its existence. In a way, it is an excellent example of the Y2K websites and works on the principle of surveys and research as well.

By signing up, watching shows, and completing simple tasks, you can make a lot of money on Inbox Dollars. Once you have the desired amount, you can use it to buy Roblox Redeem without having actually to work for it!

Prize Rebel

If you want to get points and rewards by completing small tasks, surveys, and even listening to music, then Prize Rebel is the site for you. There is significantly better pay, and the site has become famous for its efficiency. These sites do not offer any other digital currency, but they are an excellent way to profit and buy Robux.

Prize Rebel is safe to use and will not steal the user data under any circumstances. In fact, the surveys are meant for you to help corporations understand their customer base properly. We recommend signing up today.


While earning from surveys is excellent, there is an even easier option. This website affiliates with several brands and online stores and provides impressive deals to their customers. By doing this, one can easily save up for the premium membership or the Robux plan they want to buy.

Rakuten provides their customers cashback points which allow them to gain back a portion of the money they have paid. This system works efficiently and does not require any interaction between the user and the website.


With a $10 signing bonus and ridiculous discounts on each online purchase you make, Shop At Home will help you save up for all your Robux needs and dreams. Shop At Home and several other such sites allow users to save money on products by affiliating with brands like Amazon and Flipkart. It is an innovative service that has become quite popular in recent years due to several YouTube sponsorships and advertisements.

You might have seen people talk about Honey as well, which is one of the most popular sites to find online discounts. So, sign up today and treat yourself to a premium membership!


All of the sites that we mentioned in this list are safe to use and do not breach their users’ privacy. They are innovative steps in market research and affiliate marketing run by giant corporations which can quickly pay their users. Earning money by doing nothing is only possible on the internet.


While none of these sites offers Robux directly, they are better in safety and legitimacy. You can save up or buy Robux from the free money you have earned, and none of that would be illegal in any way! So, sign up for the ones you like and earn cash today.


Let us know in the comments if this article helped you find free Robux!






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