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10 Reasons on Why Homework Should be Banned

10 Reasons on Why Homework Should be Banned

As humans, we are inclined to be engrossed in activities that may or may not offer value to our lives. Homework is one of these things for students in schools. 

Due to its consequences on kids both at school and at home, there has been a lot of debate on why homework should be banned

Different schools of thought see the same subject in different ways, which is why we’ve seen such a heated debate.

Many parents are concerned about their children’s preoccupation with homework and the kind of people they have become as a result. 

So, “should homework be banned?” is the question. 

Statistics homework has been shown to create a variety of difficulties since its inception, and the following are 10 proven facts that make homework unprofitable for all stakeholders!

Reasons why homework should be banned

  • One of the most common reasons given by students for banning homework is that it is boring and unproductive. A lack of interest in activities, no matter how important or relevant, will not help kids learn. Kids are frequently exhausted after school and require rest to re-energize their bodies and minds, but homework, along with boredom, exacerbates students’ stress levels. There is no longer any justification for homework if its aim has been defeated.
  • Homework takes away students’ time with their families and friends. Students who are assigned homework work on it after a hard day at school, and by the time they finish it, it is already night, and they are unable to go out to play. Children who play more tend to be more active than those who do not, according to a study.
  • Homework can affect a student’s grade. Students frequently make the mistake of concentrating on their homework at the price of their exam performance. It is frequently used as a diversion from the reality of learning and attending class. Some students are more concerned with receiving praise from their teachers for their assignments than with passing their exams.
  • Homework is an inaccurate assessment of a student’s abilities. Teachers frequently confuse efficiency with effectiveness, which shows up in a student’s exam performance. Some teachers believe that students who complete their homework on a regular basis are smarter and more advanced than those who do not.

More Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

This is frequently a character defect. Those kids may have a difficult time scoring well on the exam.

  • Some teachers assign homework on subjects that are not covered in class. Students who are unable to comprehend this may grow to regard themselves as stupid, while those who can develop poor self-esteem. Giving students new problems to solve is perfectly acceptable. However, make sure they know it’s a completely different task. Students should not feel bad about themselves because they don’t understand what they haven’t been taught.
  • Some teachers refuse to help students with their assignments. They overwhelm kids with assignments, expecting them to simply cooperate, finish it, and learn from it. However, this is not the case. It is critical that students are motivated to complete their assignments in order to receive the greatest advantage and achieve the best results.
  • For some people, homework is ineffective. Homework is only beneficial to a small number of students. In reality, only a small percentage of kids require homework in order to retain a given social class or rank. The elite of the society is always looking to compete, which explains their preoccupation with schoolwork. This is one of the reasons why homework should be banned. It has the potential to cause tension. In most assignments, there is a lot to cover. As a result of the increased pressure, students are experiencing stress and despair as they do not have enough time to relax and unwind.


Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned


  • In most cases, homework is a burden. Students are obliged to fulfil a responsibility out of a sense of obligation, whether they like it or not, in order to complete an assignment. The workload is excessive, and the demands placed on schoolwork make them desirous of doing it.
  • Homework is harmful to a child’s development. With so many projects to complete, a child will have little time to concentrate on other equally vital aspects of their growth and development. Without play and sociability, students become bored and unbalanced in their overall development. this is the best reason why homework should be banned.

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Still, wondering why homework should be banned? When you consider what homework has done to students, there are plenty of reasons why it should be banned. 

The following are further reasons why homework should be banned:

  • Homework does not provide academic benefits. What exactly is the point of having homework? When you think about it, students don’t actually gain anything out of it.
  • Children and their parents are in conflict. There is generally a significant fight between parents who are pressuring their children to finish their schoolwork. Looking at the pros and disadvantages of “should homework be banned,” the issue of conflict is a major one that can be resolved once the ban is implemented.


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