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8 Reasons of Using Black and White Color in your Logo design

Logos are everywhere. These are in different colors, types, and shapes. logos reflect what your brand has. Creating a logo from scratch or redoing it takes time and money. So graphic designers are always paying attention to its fonts, colors, typography, and other visual elements. The right colors can make your logo stand out among the cluster. It gives a new identity to it. 

Every color has its specific branding image that impacts customers powerfully. Like Coca-Cola uses red in its background because red is quite attractive and gives an energetic look to the viewer. Macdonald’s is another the most recognized company that uses red and yellow colors in its logo that gives it a perfect look. In short, many designers believe that logos should be simple and their colors must be aesthetic.

Designing is an art and not everyone is an artist. It includes simple to complicated colors that are visually attractive. Many companies are now working worldwide to prove custom logos with free logo makers without watermarks

Undoubtedly colors play a good role in branding, but black and white colors have their own effects and values. Black and white themes sometimes cover a right to the audience. These two colors are powerful and have the ability to display any tone with them. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why black and white colors are preferable and attractive sometimes.

1- Shows luxury and elegance

There are numerous brands that only use black and white colors to show their high ends. By using a limited color palette, they create powerful brand value. You might have noticed that the fashion industry usually black logo with a prominent font on it. Think about Bentley, Gucci, Chanel, all have famous brand recognition worldwide. Their unfussy logos are more recognizable than cluttered ones.

2- Have the power to catch the attention

Black and white logos give a clear picture of authority. They tell the audience who they are by displaying their powerful influence. <any famous brand and outlets who want to become successful use black and white in their logos.

Black and white logos show respect and designs to its viewer. Having brands with the b&w logo, your probability to get identified becomes double. See logos of New York Times, Forbes, inc. Magazines use such logos to interpret the brand’s bold image.

3- Shows minimalism

Choosing black and white color as the brand’s logo, you’ll showcase how sophisticated you are. And it should be better to keep it minimalist. Your logo looks good in monochrome. Use perfect visuals to generate a powerful image of the brand. Many well-known businesses have already used this approach like Nike, Apple, Sony, etc.

4- Logo looks more practical

Using a lot of colors in a single design makes it complicated to understand by the audience. If you have already used several colors in your logo design, it will look different after printing. Because of ink and color textures sometimes. It looks overwhelmed on company t-shirts and business cards. But you’ll never find any trouble using black and white colors. They’re easily printable on all materials.

5- Classical

Black and white logo designs hold a quality that doesn’t seem in colored ones. When you have a colored logo design, people see it and assume your brand’s colors have a different effect on people’s psychology. But black and white give a contact vibe. It also saves time as you make efforts in maintaining its colors and other stuff.

With black and white logos, you don’t have such questions in your mind whether my logo looks outdated or does it suit my brand, etc.

6- Negative spacing

Using negative space in your logo design is worth it. You can easily convey the brand’s idea without giving details too much. Negative space is basically the area that is covered with the background. It will be very useful while shaping your logo to convey a message. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium gives a good example of how to choose and use negative space in your logo.

Key Takeaways

Thus this blog provides you with a complete guide on how to create beautiful logo designs by using black and white colors. If you are ready to create your logo, then head towards any logo generator that will guide you from start till last and make your logo design worthy throughout.

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