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A Guide To The Most Common Kinds Of Workplace Education

Education is an absolutely crucial aspect of business development and talent management. Competent business leaders know the worth of education and training – providing it to employees throughout their workplace lifecycle. Here are some of the most common kinds of workplace education. You’ll find permutations of these educational forms in most successful companies.

Leadership Education

Leadership education is designed to help employees to develop management and governance skills while at work. All managers within a company are offered leadership training. These days, this education is often distributed using a Learning Management System – software designed to act as a central educational hub. Learning Management Systems such as those developed by allow employers to collect data about the performance of employees in leadership education. This allows them to manage and promote the most potential employees into leadership roles.


Onboarding is one of the most significant educational stages within a workplace. Not only does the onboarding process educate employees on the practices and responsibilities expected of them in their new roles – but it also shapes their overall understanding of a company’s ethos and image. The onboarding of employees has a significant impact on their ability to work in a motivated fashion. During onboarding, an organization’s communications policy and interpersonal dynamic is impressed upon a new arrival.

Technical Skills Development

Technical skills development education helps employees to get ‘signed off’ to complete jobs that require certain skills. In most businesses that make use of specialist equipment, employees are required to undergo technical skills development training before they can get to work. Employees do not ‘come as the finished article’ – they need to be given the skills necessary to complete the tasks they are responsible for.

Products And Services Training

Learning about the products and services that a company is selling is crucial for new employees or employees confronted with the new direction of a business. All companies wanting to protect their image provide product and service training throughout an employee’s career.

Teamwork Training

Teamwork is crucial in almost all business contexts. Business leaders make a great deal of effort to foster collaborative working cohorts. Teamwork training often takes the form of unconventional retreats or days out that remove employees from the humdrum of their typical working environments. A great deal of effort needs to be made not to disgust cynical employees with overly transparent teamwork training exercises.

Safety Education

Workplace safety is quite rightly considered extremely important these days. Workplace accidents can ruin lives, have huge financial consequences and lead companies into long and damaging legal disputes with both employees and the government. Most companies have unique safety risks associated with the kind of business they conduct. All employees need to receive safety training in order to protect both themselves and the company they work for. Safety training should be conducted in accordance with local health and safety directives. In the United States of America, the Occupational Health and Safety Organization produces these directives.

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