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Best camera straps

Ah, camera straps. Some love them, some hate them. However, if you want to keep your camera from hitting the ground, you need it in some way. Luckily, the camera strap market has grown far beyond the bland, over-branded, and soft offerings that are often provided for free with your camera.

Instead, you can choose the best camera strap. Whether you value style or just need something to help lighten the load on your heavy camera, we’ve rounded up the best camera straps on the market right now.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, rugged and sturdy, or just love versatile crowd appeal, we’ve got something for everyone! If neck straps don’t work for you, check out some of our alternatives, including double harnesses and side shoulder straps.


Woolnut camera strap


This premium leather and wool strap exudes luxury

Material: Full grain vegetable tanned leather / 100% natural wool felt

  • + Convenient to use
  • + Fantastic quality
  • + Available in black or walnut brown.
  • – A bit pricey

If you’re looking for a camera strap that will last a lifetime, look no further. The camera strap from the Scandinavian company Woolnut is beautifully designed and crafted. The outer side of the strap is made of special tanned coarse-grained brown or black leather, and the inner parts are upholstered with wool felt.

You can adjust the length for use as a shoulder or neck strap. The neck is padded for comfort and the ends have metal rings for compatibility with most cameras. This is a very comfortable camera strap, and the quality of materials and workmanship is clearly visible and felt. Although the strap is expensive, we believe it is worth every penny.

Leica Rope Camera Strap


Does price reduce premium quality?

Weight: 150 g or 181 g | Maximum length: 100 cm or 126 cm | Material: Leather / Rope

  • + New rope design
  • + Leica branding
  • + Good choice of colors
  • – Luxury prices

Want to buy a Leica but don’t have the funds? Then this beautiful strap may be just what you’ve been looking for – providing you with the perfect luxury item for the price of the best Leica cameras. These straps are actually designed by the fashion photography community Cooph, and the thick rope combined with the leather details makes for a distinctive way to complement your camera. You have a choice of two different lengths and nine different colors. For our money, the red version is the most distinctive

Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Strap


Does price reduce premium quality?

Weight: 171 g | Maximum length: 145cm | Material: Polyester / neoprene

  • + Quality strap and hardware
  • – Fits snugly into the kit bag

Strap, shoulder, and neck straps all in one, the Slide exudes quality with a harness style harness and high-quality hardware that includes smart quick-release buttons to release the strap. However, this is far from the most compact strap, so it is difficult to fit it into a cramped bag.

Strap for 2″ Capture Couture camera


If you like vintage style, then this strap is what you need.

Band length: 59 inches / 149.86 cm | Band Width: 2″ / 5.08cm | Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Polyester

  • + Retro design
  • – Not a lot of upholstery

Taken from the 70s fashion, this retro-style strap from Capturing Couture is perfect for a fashion photographer. The outside of the strap is made from decorative polyester webbing (the image above is from Melody, but you can choose from a variety of designs). Meanwhile, the interior has a neoprene lining covered with polyester velvet to ensure maximum comfort for your neck.

With a maximum strap length of 59 inches, you can even wear this strap all over your body in a messenger style for maximum versatility.

Breathing strap for BlackRapid binoculars

BlackRapid offer not only for binoculars

Weight: 38 g | Maximum length: 95 cm (approx) | Material: Synthetic rubber / nylon

  • + Breathable elastic neck cushion
  • – A bit pricey

Although marketed as a binocular strap, this neck strap also attaches easily to the camera. Its unique feature is a breathable, stretchy and highly flexible neck pillow. It also folds up little and can be quickly detached, but the price still feels high next to the Matin strap.

OpTech Pro Loop Strap.

Get a strap at a reasonable price

Weight: 82 g | Maximum length: 109cm | Material: Nylon / neoprene

  • + Wide headrest
  • – Square edges tend to fray

This inexpensive strap features a 6cm wide neoprene neck pad that really distributes the load, although its square edges can rub. Two clips detach the cushion, leaving connected ends that can join to form a hand Grip Camera Strap, albeit on the long side.

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