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Best Practice for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Windows After Installation

Windows are an essential component of any home, providing insulation and natural illumination while giving the exterior of your house character. But it’s not enough to just have windows installed — you need to know how to properly clean and maintain them afterward to ensure they stay pristine!

This blog post outlines best practice tips on keeping your windows looking like new after window installation, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Do a visual inspection of all windows for any possible damage before cleaning.

Before cleaning any window, it is important to visually inspect the surface. Doing a quick scan of the window can help reveal any deterioration or damage that may affect the quality and longevity of its cleanliness.

Look for chipped paint, any bubbling in the sealant, looseness in corners or joints, and signs of water invasion, and check for any recent construction or repairs. If any damaged areas are found before cleaning, they must be addressed before proceeding, as they may create problems if left untreated.

Doing a thorough visual inspection helps you ensure the most effective results during your cleaning and leaves your windows looking and functioning better for longer.

Use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to clean the frames and glass surfaces.

Cleaning your window frames and glass surfaces of dirt and dust can be difficult, but using the right techniques can make the job much easier. When cleaning these surfaces, using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water is important.

Not only does this combination help remove even the most stubborn grime, but it won’t disturb or damage any protective coatings you may have on the glass or frame.

You may need to use more elbow grease when removing certain substances like stickers or patches of dried paint, but for general cleaning of your framing and glass surfaces, a soft cloth and soapy water should do the job in no time!

Inspect your window frames for any wooden expansion or contraction due to weather changes.

Inspecting your window frames regularly for any wood expansion or contraction due to changes in the weather is important.

Extreme cold temperatures can cause the wood in your window frame to contract, while high heat and humidity will cause it to expand. These climate changes can cause cracks and other damage that reduces the efficiency of your windows. Inspecting your frames regularly will help you detect these issues before they become serious or costly problems.

Taking a few minutes every couple of months to look for any signs of damage caused by expanding and contracting wood is a simple way for homeowners to protect their windows from future harm.

Apply an acrylic-based sealant to the frames every 6-12 months to protect them against moisture damage.

Taking the time to routinely maintain and protect the frames of your home is an excellent idea to ensure they remain in great condition. Applying an acrylic-based sealant every 6-12 months is a surefire way to ensure moisture damage does not occur.

Acrylic sealants are water resistant, work well on wood, cement, and masonry surfaces, and can also help with temperature control inside your house, making for a more comfortable living environment. Doing this small task biannually takes very little time compared to the money you will save from costly repairs further down the road.

Open and close windows regularly to prevent them from sticking shut.

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your windows, it could be a sign that they need to be opened and closed more regularly.

Opening and closing windows regularly prevent the frames from warping or weakening over time. This reduces the pressure required to push them open or close them, reducing any sticking and ensuring that your windows open and close easily without fail.

It’s also a great way to ensure that stale air in your home is continually replaced with fresh air, improving the air quality inside your home. Regularly opening and closing your windows may require some extra effort initially, but it’s worth it for the long-term benefits!

Check for loose hardware and screws throughout the year, then tighten if necessary.

Taking a few moments throughout the year to quickly scan your home and check for any loose hardware or screws can save time and hassle. This is particularly important with big items like furniture, appliances, and electronics that often require existing specialized hardware when repair or replacement parts are needed.

It’s an easy task that can make an enormous difference in avoiding costly repairs later. Ensure you use the right tools so you don’t over-tighten and strip the threads. Doing this minor preventative task annually can extend the life of your belongings and help you keep things running smoothly.

Tips for cleaning windows

Cleaning windows may seem like a simple task, but it can be tricky to get them to look streak-free and crystal clear. Here are some tips to help you clean your windows effectively:

  1. Choose the right tools: Use a squeegee, microfiber cloth, or newspaper to clean your windows instead of paper towels or regular cloths, which can leave lint behind.
  2. Start with dry cleaning: Remove any loose dirt, dust, or cobwebs from the window panes using a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner before wet cleaning.
  3. Use the right cleaning solution: Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage your window frames, and opt for vinegar and water mixtures or mild detergent solutions.
  4. Work in sections: Clean one section of the window at a time to avoid streaking, and ensure you have thoroughly cleaned every part.
  5. Wipe in one direction: Wipe horizontally on the outside and vertically on the inside so that if there is any streaking, you will know which side of the window it’s on.
  6. Dry thoroughly: Use a squeegee or microfiber cloth to remove all of the water from the glass surface, and then use a dry cloth or newspaper to buff out any remaining streaks.

Following these tips, you can achieve spotless and streak-free windows without hassle!

Call us for window services.

Windows are a mainstay of any home; with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime. To protect your windows from damage and to ensure their performance is always at its best, it’s important to take the time to perform regular inspections and cleaning.

Visual inspections should be done before cleaning, soapy water should be used on frames and glass surfaces, sealants must be applied every 6-12 months to prevent moisture damage, and windows should be opened and closed regularly. In addition to those preventative steps, check the hardware and ensure all the screws are tight throughout the year.

If you ever need window services such as installation or repair, don’t hesitate to call SilverLine Exteriors for professional help. By keeping up with these easy maintenance tips for your windows, you will ensure that your windows are safe and secure for years!

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