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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Evil Eye Tattoo Design for You

Before deciding to have an evil eye tattoo, there are a few things you should be aware of. To choose wisely, learn about its significance, culture, and symbolism.

The best way to choose an evil eye tattoo is to take your time and find one that suits you. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you!


Symbolism is a literary device that uses one thing–usually a physical object or phenomenon–to represent something more abstract. Symbols often evoke emotions and can communicate abstract ideas that take some close reading.

Typically, symbols are physical objects, though they can also include people, places, and events. Religious, romantic, and emotional symbols are common in literature.

Many of these symbols have religious roots, but they can also be used to depict complex, ambivalent emotions. For instance, rainbows symbolize hope or destruction, and fire means passion or rebirth.


The evil eye has a deep meaning for many people worldwide. The evil eye tattoo meaning is protection, guidance, and good luck that wards off jinxes, evil thoughts, and illness.

It is also believed to be a talisman against black magic, curses, and hexes. Dozens of tattoo designs incorporate this powerful image.

The best thing about getting an evil eye tattoo is that you can choose the design that resonates with you. You can also consider the meaning and placement of the tattoo to make it more meaningful to you.


Tattoo placement can be key to your tattoo’s overall look and feel. You want to ensure it looks appealing and unique, so choosing the right location for your tattoo is important.

You can get an evil eye tattoo anywhere on your body, but picking a meaningful location is a good idea. For example, the bicep is a common choice for this tattoo because it is believed to protect the wearer from the negative energy of others.

The finger is another popular location for an evil eye tattoo because it can be as small as you want. You can also choose it in colored or black ink, and it can look elegant with a jeweled accent.


When it comes to colors, you have a lot of options. Red evil eye tattoos are linked to love and passion, and yellow Turkish evil eye tattoos are linked to strength and more.

You can even get this classic design in black ink to add an artsy flair. It’s a great option for guys and girls looking to make their tattoos stand out!

The all-seeing eye is a traditional symbol of guidance from God. This design is also popular for women devoted to their spiritual side.


An evil eye is a symbol that people often get tattooed on their bodies. They believe it can protect them from negative thoughts and a curse.

There are many different styles of evil eye tattoos available. Some are very simple and geometric, while others are more intricate.

One of the simplest styles is a black dot placed on the hand or wrist. This is a great option for people new to tattooing or wanting a design that doesn’t require too much detail.

Another style is a more traditional evil eye tattoo with blue ink. These designs can also be colored in if you prefer a more colorful version.

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