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Buying Property in Istanbul, a home or an investment?

Looking for a Buying Property in Istanbul is a bit different from what you are looking to invest in. For one thing, home is where you live full time. You do not need to rent or stay close to some attractions. This is where you send your baby to where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Looking for Buying Property in Istanbul, is enough to get you to work. But it is far from a busy business district. If you live in an apartment, you will live in Istanbul with your neighbor (komşu). They can be culturally diverse.

It is a combination of foreigners and Turks from different backgrounds. Often, apartment buildings have many families living separately but living nearby. Old-style neighborhoods can be found in Istanbul. How are you? Someone to say “hello” and “good morning” and give you sugar. A feature that many mayors unfortunately do not have today. Learning as part of a community of integrity that attracts people to Istanbul and Turkey is a challenge for newcomers to Turkey to join with a smile. Do something to get to know the people around you. And that in itself brings a reward.

5 traditions you should be aware of in order to integrate with Istanbul’s Turkish neighbors

Please take off your shoes! Taking off one’s shoes when entering a Turkish house is a “delirium”. Wear “injured” shoes when visiting your neighbors, even if you’ve only been to them for a few minutes. Remember there are no socks and no holes – no one said anything. But they will pay attention!

  • Don’t be surprised if they turn on the TV when you visit your Turkish neighbor. I’m not sure what that is. But it happened
  • They are invited to visit someone’s home for the first time. You can also bring flowers and soba as gifts. This is not usually a bottle of wine!

Food and beverages

These are very cruel. Refuse to eat or drink what is recommended (as long as you are familiar with your neighbor). Tea and tea are almost always made fresh. That means you have to wait for Josh. It takes at least 15 minutes – get ready for it. Especially in the first month of your new home. Not only do you drink tea on your first trip to your neighborhood, but there is also Turkish coffee, a tradition that accepts distinguished guests.

Turks are not just friends

But there is also a natural curiosity. And feel free to ask questions. Please only respond to what you want to share. But be prepared for some pretty personal questions. Don’t worry they will ask you the same questions. They may be good for removing a little of your question. If possible, you will be invited to a neighbor’s dinner. 

Some suggestions:

So if you finely Buying Property in Turkey, you are ready to hang out with your Turkish neighbor. The important thing to remember is to have fun. They are not looking for flaws, they need to know you. Eager to offer If you want, you are on the side of etiquette.

  • Be prepared to eat a lot. Of course, even in summer, there are fruit and nutty desserts after the course. A real party!
  • Wear comfortable clothing as some families continue the tradition of eating on the floor in public places. Everyone saves themselves from the plate.
  • Learn “Hello” even if you don’t know Turkish – Hello “Hoş Geldiniz” – Welcome, Answer “Hoş Bulduk” – Welcome.
  • In traditional homes, a greater division of labor is expected between men and women. The women gathered in the kitchen to prepare and clean their food. Men sit down to talk about news and events and watch TV. Your help is often denied. But it should be borne in mind that it is suggested that the Turks accept your help in the kitchen if they are not washed in boiling water. Therefore, food items are washed under the tap. No sink plug to remember!

Get a Cologne offer to enter and exit someone’s home. Usually skip chocolate or sweets. It is a very old and respected tradition, a delicious and fresh tradition. Just add a few cloves, usually lemon juice, and eat them together to dry in a few seconds.

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