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Career Options After Completing an AAT Qualification

If you’re thinking about doing an AAT accounting or bookkeeping course with us, you might be wondering what job opportunities you’ll have.

The good thing is that once you’ve earned your accounting or finance degree, you’ll have lots of opportunities to further your career in a way you might not have considered before. Take a look at the following options:

Obtain MAAT certification as a professional.

You can use the MAAT letters after your name if you become a full member of the AAT. Employers and clients will see these letters as proof that you’ve demonstrated your competence.

You’ll gain a professional reputation and standing, which will increase your possibilities for advancement and meet your compensation expectations. AAT events, online services, and continued professional development are among the other MAAT perks (CPD).

AAT level 2

The AAT Foundation Certificate level 2 in Accounting is the first step toward a successful accounting and finance profession. Therefore it’s ideal for growing your accounting and finance staff.

The AAT Level 2 in Accounting covers fundamental accounting principles, such as double-entry bookkeeping and equips your employees with the skills they need to excel in entry-level or accounting support jobs.

It’s extremely adaptable: live online classes are available during lunchtimes, nights, and weekends, making it simple to fit learning into your schedule. They’re also recorded, so you may watch and rewatch them as many times as you like.

Learn how to become a chartered accountant.

You may choose to pursue chartered accounting status with one of the several professional organisations in the United Kingdom.

All of the UK’s chartered accountancy organisations provide extensive exemptions. A fast track to chartered status for AAT full members (MAAT) and fellow members (FMAAT). You can attain chartered status quicker if you take advantage of this fast route as an AAT trained professional.

Join the field of education.

You might want to consider teaching so that you can pass on your expertise and experience to future generations of AAT professionals.

Make new educational resources.

Consider your time as a student. Were there any materials that may have helped you while having trouble with a tough subject? If many ideas spring to mind, you could have discovered a market niche! You may use this as a starting point to create new learning materials and revision approaches to sell to future students.

Go to the university.

You may elect to utilise your AAT qualification to pursue a full university degree in Accounting.

Thought leadership and writing

Producing research papers or speaking at industry conferences and events may be a good way to move your academic progress in a new direction. These are excellent strategies to establish yourself as an industry thought leader and advocate for improved practises everywhere.

If you have a creative streak, you may pursue a career as a freelance finance writer/editor or a freelance industry reporter. You might even start your blog!


As part of AAT’s consultation activities, you will be able to answer surveys, have your voice heard, and actively engage in lobbying Parliament and government agencies (including HMRC, the Treasury, and BIS) to make reforms for the sector.

Start your own business as a self-employed person.

Taking the jump into self-employment might be the finest thing you ever do for your career if you want to work yourself and have the flexibility to define your job. You might work for small enterprises as a self-employed accountant.


Future Connect AAT courses are created for those who have a full-time job, children, a hectic schedule, or want to be in charge of their studies. Online AAT accounting certifications provide up a world of possibilities in the accounting field.

Employers like them because they provide you with practical, industry-specific information that you can put to use right away. They can assist you in getting started as your accounting professional if you have no prior experience, or they can assist you in advance in your existing position.

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