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CCNA training In Dubai

Cisco CCNA Training – Why do I need CCNA certification?

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is profitable, competitive and very exciting. Those who want to work in this industry will find a wide variety of certifications that will increase their career opportunities. Although Microsoft and Novell also offer certification programs, CCNA training is probably the best choice. Cisco CCNA and CCNA training in Dubai and certifications are in high demand, but if you need more reasons to get your Cisco certification, here are the top reasons to take Cisco courses.

Find a better job

One of the most important reasons to take Cisco courses to get your CCNA certification is to get a better job. While some employers still hire people base on experience, most want that experience to be back up by relevant training. The only way to achieve this is to provide credentials. CCNA certifications show that you have the knowledge, experience and training in today’s most popular networking technologies and equipment.

Earn more money

Another reason to consider this training option is the potential to earn more money. Recent studies show that CCNA certified IT professionals earn nearly 17% more than their non-certified counterparts. This certification helps you earn the highest salaries.

Learn about the most important networking technologies

Cisco is the undisputed leader in networking technology for home offices and SMBs. CCNA-certified professionals are well versed in Ethernet, VLAN and other types of local and wide area networks. They also know OSI principles, routing protocols, switching and network management operations, and network security. You need to know all these areas to be effective and successful in the world of IT.

The key to becoming CCNA certificate is passing the Cisco tests. The tests are rigorous and designed to ensure that only those with the right knowledge can earn the title. The test takes an average of at least two hours to complete, and there is no opportunity to review the answers or skip an answer.

Cisco certification tests can be a real challenge even for those who are familiar with the technology. The best way to pass the exam without any problems is to attend the CCNA bootcamp training. What can the bootcamp offer? You’ll find that these training resources provide the education, the practical skills through lab work, and the skills needed to pass the CCNA exam. Traditional networking courses can take years to complete, but with a bootcamp, you can start your career in just a few days.

The key is to choose the right CCNA bootcamp. There are many different training programs, but not all are the same. Make sure that the CCNA bootcamp you choose offers an unbreakable guarantee that you will pass the CCNA exam by studying there.

About Cisco training

Cisco courses offered by Nlptech are taught by professionals who are well versed in Cisco operating systems. The instructors are familiar with the CCNP and CSP1 tracks, as well as the CCNA curriculum, are Cisco certified and are available to Nlptech as consultants.

About Nlptech

Nlptech is known as an IT training provider for qualify professionals seeking Cisco certification. As a Cisco Learning Partner (CLP), Nlptech offers highly targeted training in the form of Cisco CCNA and CCNP accelerated training to individuals and companies at its state-of-the-art training centers throughout the United States. The CCNA accredited training program is a highly specialize course that teaches both ICND1 and ICND2 from Cisco’s official curriculum.

Cisco is a world-renown company that offers training in all aspects of networking. The most sought-after qualification is the CCNA qualification, as this is the first level require to become a Cisco Certified Network Engineer. CCNA training is a good starting point in the networking world, as only with this qualification you can get a great job and a good salary. In addition, the CCNA is internationally recognized, so you will never be restricted as to where you can work. This course enables you to learn about the routers and connections needed to effectively configure and monitor a network, whether it’s a small home or office network or a large enterprise with Internet and intranet.

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