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4 Best Interactive Cookie Package Designs Ever

Cookie wrappings are mostly designed as a pillow box which can sometimes defect the shape of the product during the transport. Furthermore, the ambiance of the baked product needs to be maintained by the cookie containers. Along with these issues, the problem of customer discomfort can be solved by using interactive packaging styles. All the cookie boxes can be designed in trendy ways to make them more useful and personal for the buyers. New ideas and concepts have been introduced in the market in multiple genres of products. Some of these concepts are implemented in the food industry as well. These box designs promote a buyer to develop trust in the bakeries.

Glass holding slots

Creating the boxes in a way that they serve the clients in multiple ways becomes a good way to interact with them. As a cookie can be served with milk, coffee or juice, a famous container style is made with cut-outs that can hold the liquid cups. These boxes are made with a push-in slot on top of them. After taking out the cookies, press the slot in the middle to create a gaping hole in the box. The size of this slot is of a standard size so that it can be made comfortable for every customer to keep their drink. This becomes a source to interact with the consumer without even talking to them directly. A special bond is created between the cookie manufacturer and buyer that can become stronger if the quality of the product is good too.

Freshness indicator

Being a product that belongs to the eatable category of items, cookies need to be fresh and tasty through-out their shelf life. This is really important as soggy and expired products leave a bad impression on the minds of the customers. A new packaging style has been introduced that lets the customer know about the freshness level of the product on the inside. There are stickers pasted on these custom printed cookie boxes to interact with the customer. Freshly baked cookies that lack preservatives to help them increase their shelf life find this packaging very helpful. Furthermore, boxes are cut in a certain way to sustain the air pressure inside the box. It helps in maintaining the freshness of these products.

Disposable cutlery

In today’s fast pacing world, the packaging is expected to help the consumer out in every possible way to save their time. As cookies can be eaten at any place to save time, their containers need to be prepared while keeping this in fact mind. A latest cookie wrapping design incorporates this property by letting the box turn into a disposable plate. Those plates make it easier for a person to eat their confectionary item anywhere without creating a mess. This also liberates the consumer from carrying extra cutlery with them all the time. Being made out of cardboard works in favour of supporting Green packaging. This hidden use of a wrapping makes the box opening experience fun and interesting while promoting good values.

Something for the kids

Mostly loved by every age group, cookies are a popular dessert and snack among the children as well. To attract kids it is really important to go an extra mile while creating custom cookie boxes wholesale. A popular cookie baking company designed their box to turn into a face mask after being used. This gained popularity among other brands as children loved this idea and demanded their parents buy the same confectionary item on every visit to the mall. As a result, other brands became less important even if they had better tasting cookies.

Helping the companies increase their sales and gain popularity among the buyers, these packaging styles proved a solid point. That fact being, letting establishments realize that apart from baking good cookies, taking care of how the cookie boxes are manufactured is really important. This has a direct effect on the company’s revenue, therefore, it should be a prime focus of the firms.

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