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Different Types of Astrology You Must Know

According to Astrologers in Chennai, whenever you want to interpret an astrology chart, there are several ways. There are different types of astrology one must know.

Below mentioned are some of the different types of astrology that you should know about and their functioning.

Electional Astrology

Suppose you wish to know what the right time is to begin a new pastime, go on a date, or apply for a job. If that is the case, electional astrology is for you. Electoral astrology, also known as electional astrology, employs the moon to gauge insights. Still, it is more concerned with what the ascendant is doing at the moment one intends to begin the activity or endeavour. To have the desired outcome. The moon must be in the first house and not void unless you want nothing to come of the matter. This chart is based on the moment when the ascendant, in line with the moon, gives off a favourable feeling.

Horary Astrology

Sometimes, we need to be more precise than casting a standard astrological chart when we want to get all the essential answers. Horary astrology is an old style of astrology in which the querent asks a question and the astrologer uses their skills to cast a projected chart and provide answers. A few guidelines: For three months at a time, the responses you give determine the outcome. Also, you cannot ask the same question twice in three months since you will get contradictory answers. The chart is created depending on the astrologer’s location. The time is determined by the moment the query is asked. The astrologer will assist you along the right road. Thus, yes or no answer-type questions will not be entertained.

Love Astrology

In relationship astrology, a synastry chart is used to observe how planets are connected from one chart to the next with another person. Another way is to produce a composite chart, which combines both charts to form a single chart. It is crucial to remember that while viewing a composite chart, you are just looking at the ascendants and planets. Because you are seeing how the two of you interact with each other rather than how you interact with others. The most common misunderstanding is that in order to figure out what is going on in your love life, you just need to look at your chart.. Astrology refers to the energy we emit to others as well as the energy we attract into our lives.

Medical Astrology

This is the most complicated form of astrology. When someone is feeling under the weather, it is critical to keep track of when they go to their sickbed or realise they need to relax in order to recover. If you are not able to cast a chart, take note of the time and date so that an astrologer can examine it. And make a chart to understand the prognosis and how, when, and why the patient will improve.

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Natal Astrology

It is feasible to search out all the answers relevant to one’s path and aspirations by using one’s birth chart. Which requires the time, date, and location of birth as a map to the universe. It can also explain all of your deepest hopes and sorrows. A natal birth chart can reveal one’s ambitions, dreams, and anxieties based on the ways in which they appeared in their previous birth. The astrologer can use our birth data to create a chart with natal information as well as the evolved birth chart to look at timing and events and discover the best time to achieve goals.

Uranian Astrology

In order to understand Uranian astrology’s, you must first understand what midpoints are. They are the midway degrees between two planets. They are used in this type of astrology’s to uncover planetary triggers that are required for one to take action in all aspects of their life. To determine one’s midpoints, one must construct a midpoint tree and use a midpoint calculator. Then one would check at the locations in the midway tree to see whether any transits are activating them. It will provide detailed data about how we connect with others or how we feel energetically around them.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, often known as Hindu astrology, is a kind of Indian astrology’s with a history almost as old as time. In India, modern Vedic astrology is utilize to foretell the success of weddings, companies, and daily life. This style of divination contains twelve signs, similar to Western astrology’s. In contrast to Western astrology, which is based on seasons, the Jyotisa method is based on constellations.


Almost all types of astrologers, including Tamil astrologers, strongly believe and practice these seven types of astrology that are crucial for understanding people and the world we live in. So choose the best suited astrology’s for you.

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