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Do you think other gimbals will work with the Nikon Z6 mirror

We can’t speak for other manufacturers, but we have been putting together a list of all the gimbals that you can use this handheld Gimbal with. In fact, here it is:

No more guessing! As you add and remove camera bodies from your gear bag, no need to worry about whether your handheld gimbal will be able to support it.

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Gimbals that we know work: DJI Ronin M, Zhiyun Crane 2, Moza Lite 2, FeiyuTech G4 and more.

What accessories can I use with my existing wireless follow focus?

The Nikon Z6 has a built in 20mm rod mount, so you can use many existing accessories that have this interface. We are also offering an optional Nikon Z lens adapter that sits flush with the camera body to make it easy for you to attach your existing lens support system.

The Nikon Z adapter

What kind of codec does the camera record to? What frame rate will I need my external recorder to have?

Z6 records to common codecs including 10-bit H.264 .MOV, Cinema DNG RAW and Apple ProRes. You can choose a high or low bitrate depending on your needs and available storage. You can also simultaneously record to two SD cards for backup and maximum recording time.

This allows you to use your existing external recorder with the camera without any issues. We recommend Atomos as their products just worked well with this camera setup, but there are many others as well as cheaper options from manufacturers like Black Magic which also work.

What is the maximum recording time I can get when shooting in RAW?

You will be able to record for up to 29 minutes 59 seconds with a full 64GB card. We recommend using Lexar or Sandisk Professional UHS-II cards for best results.

People Ask Question

Can I shoot my Nikon Z6 at 60p in 4K?

Yes! You can shoot 60 fps at 1080p for a 2x slow motion effect. If you want to go to 4K, we recommend shooting 4K 30 fps which gives you a more cinematic look.

Can I shoot my Nikon Z6 at 120 fps in Full HD?

No, the camera does not have a super fast frame rate in Full HD. You can shoot 120 fps at 720p, but we recommend playing it back at 30 fps for a more cinematic look.

What about high frame rate 120 and up?

The Nikon Z6 has no HFR above 120. We will not be able to add this in the future as this feature is built into the camera hardware.

Can I use my Nikon flashes with this camera?

Yes! When you use the Nikon FTZ adapter, your SB-5000 and other professional flashes will be able to trigger and control as they would on a DSLR. You can also choose TTL or manual modes depending on your needs for maximum creative control. We recommend using PocketWizards and Cactus V6 triggers.

Can I control the Nikon Z6 from my phone?

Yes! A new iOS and Android app is now available for free download from their respective stores. The app makes changing many camera settings extremely easy as well as triggering the shutter remotely. In addition, you can use your phone as a monitor as long as you plug a USB-C to HDMI cable into the side of the camera.

How can I control my Nikon Z6 wirelessly?

You have many options available including remote triggers, radio poppers and flash triggers as well as several wireless video transmitters built for mirrorless cameras. All of these enable you to work with your Z6 in the same way that you would with a DSLR camera, giving you maximum flexibility and control.

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