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Documents Required For A New Two-Wheeler In India

Owning a bike or scooter is an exciting life choice, but the purchase process requires careful consideration due to the substantial financial investment. In India, specific paperwork is essential for a seamless purchase, whether through a dealership or with loan assistance. Here’s a concise overview of the necessary documents and steps involved.

Documents Needed For Purchasing A Bike From A Dealership:

  • Identity Proof (ID Proof): Documents such as a driver’s license, PAN card, Aadhar card, etc., are required to verify the buyer’s identity.
  • Address Proof: Documentation such as a passport, rental agreement, utility bills, etc., is evidence of the buyer’s residential address.
  • Proof Of Nationality: If the dealer requests, documents proving nationality, such as a passport or voter ID, may be necessary.

Documents Needed For A Bike Loan Or Financing:

Additional documentation is needed to assess eligibility based on age and income for bike loan users. The required documents for both salaried employees and independent contractors include:

  • Identity Proof (ID Proof): Documents such as a driver’s license, voter’s ID, PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, etc., are needed to prove the buyer’s identity.
  • Address Proof: Documents like rental agreements, Aadhar cards, voter ID, utility bills, etc., are required to verify residential address.
  • Income Verification: Proof of income, including Form 16, recent Income Tax Returns (ITR), salary slips, and bank statements, is necessary for loan approval.
  • Bank Statements: Providing bank statements for the previous year helps assess income and applicable deductions.
  • Passport-Size Photos: A set of passport-size photos is required for loan processing.

Bike Registration:

After purchasing a bike, it must be registered within seven days of delivery. Although the dealership typically handles registration, knowing the necessary paperwork is crucial. Documents required for bike registration include:

  • Form 20 and Form 21: Application and sales certificate.
  • Form 22: Certificate of Road Worthiness; Emission Control Pollution Under Control (PUCC).
  • ID Proof: Driver’s license, PAN card, voter’s ID, passport, Aadhar, etc.
  • Insurance Cover Note: A copy of the insurance cover note for the bike.
  • Form 34: Temporary certificate on finance or loan, signed by the financier and the owner.
  • Non-Judicial Affidavit Stamp Document: Legal document for the registration process.

Actions To Take Before Purchasing A Two-Wheeler In India:

Before finalising the purchase, several considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Budget: Ensure the chosen bike aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and maintenance capabilities.
  • Compare Prices: Compare costs, perks, and offers from different dealerships to make an informed decision.
  • Quote Research: Understand the quote breakdown, including ex-showroom price, online bike insurance premium, and registration fees.
  • Insurance: Obtain comprehensive online bike insurance for protection against own and third-party damages.

Proper documentation and a thorough understanding of the purchase process are essential when acquiring a two-wheeler in India. Whether buying from a dealership or opting for financing, ensuring all required documents are in order ensures a smooth and legal ownership transition. Budget, insurance, and negotiations also provide a well-informed and satisfactory purchase experience. Ensure that you carry out the process of bike insurance renewal on time. 

The process of Bajaj Allianz third-party two-wheeler insurance renewal can be easily done in a few simple steps. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

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