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Four Things to Know About Transparent Outdoor Screens

Simple screens such as SMDs are a marvel of technology and are becoming more affordable and less expensive every year. If you’re not sure if it’s worth investing in them, here are a few benefits and applications that will give you an idea of the ever-growing possibilities of transparent screens, which can influence you in your outdoor advertising and marketing efforts!

First of all, you should know that not all transparent screens are the same. It is important to determine which transparent screen is best for your needs. Some are much better than others in certain situations. In this article, we will focus on two of the main types.

1) Advantages and disadvantages of straight LCD screens

Straight LCDs, like traditional LCDs, need light on the back of the panel to create an image. The dots on an LCD monitor do not emit light but rely on a backlight that is shaded to create the ideal color difference. This makes them ideal for use in brightly lit areas, especially outdoors.

In contrast, transparent digital displays are not suitable for producing purely dark colors, as they are backlit. The luminosity is also limited and, in addition, the angle of view can influence the saturation and the quality of the image.

2) Advantages and disadvantages of OLED screens

Compared to LCD screens, which block light, OLED screens diffuse it pixel by pixel. OLED displays do not require backlighting, which makes them particularly effective in low-light and indoor environments. Vivid color from all angles is one of the many advantages of OLED displays. The lack of a thick-walled backlight on the screen makes the display thinner and lighter.

On the other hand, OLED displays are susceptible to pigmentation from moisture and sunlight, making them unsuitable for outdoor use. In addition, they are much more expensive to produce than SMD screens. Nevertheless, keep in mind that OLED displays will likely become more affordable in the future. If you are not ready to invest yet, you should pay attention. Visit: Outdoor Smd Screen

3) The transparent screen can be enabled.

You may think that any type of transparent screen is restricted due to the performance plan, but keep in mind that interactivity is not complicated. We highly recommend combining interactivity with a transparent screen when necessary. It is true that the transparent screen is a technology we are not used to, but we are all tempted to touch it when we see it.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a good example of the potential of interactivity. With the proliferation of transparent barriers, the potential for a transparent effect increases. And in the absence of interactivity, transparent programs can easily cross that unpleasant boundary and make us feel comfortable, rather than facing a new awareness of the pandemic.

4) Transparent screens are indeed attractive.

Transparent screens have been around for some time, but their appeal has not yet peaked. The appeal for buyers now lies in the fact that they continue to gain interest and vitality.

Transparent LCDs are ideal for highlighting products on the screen behind them and for further engaging the audience. For example, to highlight the special features of a specific product line and position it in the market.

Transparent digital displays should be an effective tool to convey information in an elegant and beautiful way to your target audience. Their self-contained, non-backlit appearance gives them an ultra-modern look. It is also an effective visual element in high-end areas such as retail, hospitality, and charm.

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