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Half box packaging for your soap business

There is no denying that packaging adds to the value of the product. Like any other product, half box soap packaging require creative and pretty-looking packaging to increase their appeal. Half-box packaging is another innovative way to pack the soap and divulge its properties. Let’s see what this packing is all about and how it can impact your soaps business.

Half box packaging is defined in simple words:

A half box package is open from one side. Usually, the top is left open, and the bottom part is where you place the half box soap packaging or any other product. It is also called a holster box and is used extensively for various products.

Why go for half-box soap packaging?

You can avail yourself of several benefits if you decide to pack your soaps in half boxes. Some of them are as follows;

It is excellent for marketing purposes:

If you use this package, you do not need to spend on expensive advertisements and promotional activities. You don’t need anything else when you expose half of the soap for the potential buyers to see and inspect. Consumers love to check the fragrance, feel, color, and texture of soaps, and half-box packaging gives them ample opportunity to do that.

Ideal if you are launching a new soap in the market:

If you are offering a new brand in the market or adding a new kind of soap to your existing line-up, half-box soap packaging would be perfect. The soap is left exposed for everyone to see. You won’t have to invest in free small-sized soap bars as samples to lure customers. After physically checking the soap and going for it, they can make up their minds.

It is cost-effective:

This one’s a no-brainer. A half box uses less material to produce, so it is cheaper than a full box. It will significantly reduce your packing cost, and you can utilize the saved money elsewhere. It will also help you in pricing it competitively and increase its viability.

Very convenient to produce:

A half box does not require extensive or sophisticated means of production. Many suppliers are producing them from their homes as a side-hustle. They are easy to manufacture and easier to assemble. Anyone can do it with no previous experience of packing stuff.

They are lightweight and portable:

The half body of  half box soap packaging makes them very lightweight and hence highly portable. A carton full of half-box soap packaging won’t weigh much. It reduces the labor cost, too, as due to their lightweight and considerable ease in handling, they are charged less by the porters.

They look stylish too:

Half-box soap packaging is cheap, does not mean that it has to look that way. There are many things that you can do with them to make them look premium. You can decorate them with stylish graphics, colors, patterns, etc. Printing and coating options like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, laminated printing, UV spot printing, matte or gloss finishing, etc., can upgrade their image too.

Half-boxes are multi-purpose:

If you think half-boxes are constrained by their design, then think again. Half boxes have a variety of uses and purposes. You can have them for packing, storing, displaying, and even decorative purposes. They can be used in more ways than one and that makes them versatile.

What materials can you use to produce half-box packaging?

You can use all the materials that you use for producing half boxes. It usually includes the following;
Rigid cardboard
Corrugated cardboard
Kraft material
Let’s briefly discuss them.

Rigid cardboard:

It is one of the most widely-used materials for producing boxes of any shape and size. He is economical, readily available, and, as the name suggests, very strong. They would make for ideal half boxes because it will give all the support and protection to soaps.

Corrugated material:

It is an extension of rigid cardboard. It usually consists of three sheets, with one top of the other. One sheet has a wavy texture that gives them extra support to hold heavy objects and things. Corrugated material is prevalent in soap packaging and different types of boxes.

Kraft material:

It is made up of bio-degradable elements and is a favorite among environmentally concerned customers. It is stable and sturdy and looks great too. Kraft has become quite popular due to the environmental challenges we face today.

half box soap packaging

As a soaps’ manufacturer looking for custom soapboxes, you can choose any material depending on your personal choice, budget, and other considerations.
Fast Custom Boxes remains a famous manufacturer of custom half-box soap packaging. If you are looking for a manufacturer of boxes, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. They know how to do their job and do it well. They will provide you with all the assistance you need and suggestions on improving your packing boxes. Do check them out.

Is half-box soap packaging safe and sustainable?

It may appear as an incomplete or half-done kind of packaging to some. But it is not. It is a legitimate and authentic form of packing. It does everything that you would your custom boxes wholesale to do. Plus, the added advantage of showing off half of the soaps is like free marketing.

There may be instances where they require some extra protection. For example, half-box soap packaging might require air-conditioning or properly ventilated go downs under severely hot and humid weather conditions. Otherwise, they are good to go and perfectly sustainable.


So, that was all about half-box soap packaging. We hope you have fully understood its meaning, importance, and applications for the soap industry. They are an excellent vehicle to showcase your products, and that is why they remain in vogue throughout the year.

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