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How to achieve goals more clearly and efficient at work as an HR in 2024?


HRs need to achieve more goals in 2024 as the nature of work is becoming more complex. They can do so when they have the right goals to accomplish this year and beyond. 

For example, they need to know how many staff members they will be hiring in a quarter or a year. They also need to get their budgets pre-approved so that there is less hassle when they want to onboard great talent. 

Similarly, they have other goals like improving the cost of hire and turnaround time to onboard, recruit, train, or coach a talent. They also have to continuously improve the Net Promote Score in the workplace, while also trying to strive for the best possible retention rate in a given period. 

So, an average HR leader has a lot of KPIs to meet at a time. That is why they need a smart system to help them share the workload. 

If you’re one such HR leader or professional, read the post below. Get tips on achieving the most crucial goals this year with AI and EI-enabled HRMS software in India at your fingertips. 

What are the steps to achieve HR goals in 2024?

  • AI Suggest for generating job descriptions and interviews in seconds. 

You need a GenAI-based tool in your HR toolkit to streamline the process of creating massive job descriptions in seconds. With AI Suggest, you can do it in a zap. 

Create a myriad of job descriptions along with shortlisted interview questions without an error. The tool will also give you skill sets and a KRA template in advance. 

You can use this information later on when you are shortlisting and onboarding the finalised candidate. 

This improves your 15 hours of productivity in 15-30 seconds and provides you with enough time to invest in other strategic approaches and tasks. 

  • Unified candidate pool for democratising the documents and knowledge. 

An organisation that has multiple recruiters, working from different locations needs this function in the HRMS software they implement. A unified candidate pool can easily integrate with the company’s job portal. 

It will automatically highlight all the resumes the company is receiving from various career pages or portals.

Multiple recruiters can view the resumes if they have permission. Then, they can easily download, schedule interviews, and check the status of the applicant’s application. 

They can send reminders, offer letters, and preboarding links as well from the candidate pool and offer letter management modules in the HRMS. 

This reduces their burden to manually do everything from scratch. 

  • Manpower planning to set pre-approve budgets in place. 

HR leaders must optimize and leverage the manpower planning module in the HRMS to reduce their workload and achieve more strategic goals this year. This helps to be free for the tenure ahead in terms of constant follow-ups where the budgets are concerned. 

HR leaders can focus on hiring the best talent in the given budget and closing their targets for each month or quarter. 

The manpower planning module records all the current filled vacancies. It aligns with the job titles of the registered users in the software. So, it automatically calculates whenever there is a vacancy or whenever the position is fully staffed. 

This gives a clear picture of the recruiter and talent acquisition specialist to know if they are utilising all the pre-approved budgets appropriately. 

  • Promotion of hybrid and remote culture to promote DEI in the workplace. 

As an HR, you need to ensure that the workplace you build is favourable and equitable to all. That means you have to promote the DEI policies and programs. It is easily possible to promote, execute, and measure the impact of such programs when you have an intelligent and emotionally sound HRMS in your organisation.

For instance, it can easily capture each user’s emotions when they are logging in and logging out. That creates a database in the backend for the HR leader and reporting manager. It shows the real-time data of all the sad, happy, tired, and burned-out workforce. 

Then, the management can work accordingly with each such person to coach and mentor them well. Otherwise, they can reduce the workload of a worker who is overworked and underutilised. 

  • CV Parser to remove learned and unconscious bias from the hiring process. 

You need a CV Parser tool in your life if you are hiring in bulk and have to read a lot of resumes in a go. A parser helps you to sift through the given heap of resumes in seconds.

It will filter out the resumes for you based on the keywords which can be skills, experiences, talent, or hobbies. That way, you will not be interfering when you want to hire the best and greatest talent from the market. 

In fact, the tool helps to reduce and eliminate learned and unconscious bias from the hiring process in seconds. 


You can achieve your HR goals like a pro with the five steps we discussed above. However, when you have a global-grade, future-ready, and AI-forward HRMS in your organisation, you become a strategic HR leader to the CXO leaders within seconds, improving the chances of you exercising your full potential and achieving more with fewer efforts. 


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