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How to troubleshoot Printer Not Activated Error 41

Many printer customers commonly get stuck accessing their printing devices. The error notice states “Printer Not Activated Error 41″. This error message clearly defines that there are specific technical issues that are preventing individuals from activating their devices.

There can be various elements that can cause the Printer Not Activated error. However, the most prominent variables are the incorrect setup of the printer setup, outdated or corrupted printer motor drivers, printer not responding mac, some software-related concerns. If you are dealing with a similar situation and also want to get rid of it immediately, then you must follow the below section.

Methods to troubleshoot Printer Not Activated Error 41

Printer activation errors can be easily remedied by following a few repair procedures. So, have a look at the instructions given below to fix the Printer Not Activated Error in no time. First, start by checking the system data and then continue with the printer setup.

System Fault using SFC

Usually, printer activation fault occurs due to system errors. To deal with system-related errors, you can run System File Checker which is an integrated utility in Windows operating system.

This utility has been developed specifically to eliminate internal pests and problems. To run this utility, follow the instructions below.

  • Press the Windows logo mix-up as well as the R trick to start the Run Home window.
  • On the Run discussion box, type “cmd” and also press the “ALRIGHT” button to execute the command.
  • From the result-oriented home window, select “Command Trigger” and proceed to appropriate tap on the option labeled “Run as Administrator”.
  • As soon as you do this command, Command Prompt will be invoked in Admin Settings.
  • Under the Command Trigger window, type “sfc /scannow” and hit the “OK” button to run the command.
  • Stay tuned for further instructions to complete the process effectively.

System File Checker will definitely check your entire device and try to find internal bugs as well as glitches including damaged system files.

After identifying the problem, SFC Tool will fix all repairable system data and various other damaged documents. When the process is over, reboot the device for the new changes to take effect.

Use the DISM Scanning Tool

  • Even after running System File Mosaic, if the “Printer not triggered fault code 41” still persists, you may need to run a DISM check.
  • DISM refers to Release Picture Maintenance as well as Management which is an additional built-in troubleshooter that can fix glitches associated with system files.
  • To run a DISM scan, you need to start the command prompt with administrator opportunities. When the Command Trigger Home window appears on the display screen, type “DISM /online /cleanup image /scan health” and also press the Enter key to run the command.
  • After running this energy, all corrupted system documents, as well as many other problems resolve. Reboot the tool to verify if the printer activation fault has indeed been rectified.

Make your Printer the Default Tool

In special instances, if your printing gadget is not set as the default gadget, you may be stuck with “Printer not triggered error code 41”. Hence, you can easily follow the built-in guidelines.

  • Continue to touch the gear-shaped icon to launch the “Settings” app.
  • After reaching Setup, scroll down to the available option and try to locate “Gadgets” as well.
  • When you locate it touches on it and click “Printers and Scanners” from the best pane.
  • Afterward, press the “Manage” button from the displayed menu and select the option named “Install as default”.
  • Preserve recent modifications by touching the “Apply” button as well as the “OKAY” switch.

After setting the printer as default, if the printer activation error still appears on the display screen, then proceed to the next repair direction.

Restart the Publish Spooler Service

Certain technical problems in the print spooler service can also trigger the printer to not turn on fault code 41. However, several users declared that after rebooting the Print Spooler solution, they found that the error they received had been removed from their gadget. That’s why you can try it too. Follow the built-in dedicated instructions to reactivate the Print Spooler solution.

  • Launch the Run Home window and type “services.msc” inside the dialog box.
  • After running the command, the service window will be ready immediately.
  • Now, scroll through the received options and also try searching for “Print Spooler Service”.
  • After locating this service, continue to tap on it to the right and hit the “Quit” switch.
  • Wait for a while and also tap on the “Start” switch. This will restart the published spooler service.

Try Upgrading the Driver.

A fault within the mounted printer drivers could be another possible reason behind the “Printer did not trigger fault code 41”. Therefore, in this remedy, we recommend that you update the printer driver to its most current version. To perform this action, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Go to the search box on the taskbar and type “tool supervisor” inside it. From the resulting menu, tap “Gadget Manager” to start the Home window.

Step 2

After accessing the Tool Supervisor home window, hit Classify to find the names of the devices and drivers mounted on the device. From the checklist shown, continue the best tap on the driver you want to update.

Step 3

In this action, select the option labeled “Browse automatically for advanced driver software programs” to allow the gadget to see the latest version of the printer driver. Hit “Update Driver” and tap the “ALRIGHT” switch to set the available variety of printer drivers.

Re-install the Printer Driver

Even after upgrading the printer driver, if the “Printer on error code 41” still troubles customers, then it is possible that the printer driver is actually damaged.

To stop such gatherings, you may need to reinstall the printer driver. Follow the less discussed guidelines.

  • On the Run discussion box, type “CONTROL” as well as hit the “ALRIGHT” switch to execute the command.
  • From the food selection that appears, tap “Control Board” to launch the Home window.
  • After accessing the control board, go to the “Programs and Tasks” section.
  • Under this field, you’ll need to find “Printer Motor Driver” from the context menu.
  • Continue to tap appropriately on “Printer Vehicle Driver” as well as hit the option titled “Uninstall”.
  • Wait until the uninstallation process is finished.
  • Also, reboot the tool and visit the supplier’s website.
  • Here, you need to install and download and install the latest driver for your printer, following the on-screen standards.

The installation process may take some time. So, don’t interrupt the process in between. We wish, after reinstalling the printer driver, you will be able to remove Printer Not Activated Error Code 41.

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