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Interactive Post Video Marketing

You have probably heard of it. The visual content is powerful. Some even say this is the future of content marketing.

For this year it is estimated that 74% of all internet traffic will come from video content. It is estimated that by 2022 75% of mobile traffic will be video. 60% of marketers and small business owners plan to increase their video budgets to meet these expectations.

With the proliferation of videos on the Internet, another phenomenon of video complexity is emerging. Your video content has to be good if you want people to see your content, get to know your brand, and meet your sales goals. It is not only high quality, but also attractive.

What you can do with interactive post video marketing

As more videos compete with one another, top marketers are looking for ways to get an edge over video content. Interactive post is a relatively new method of marketing that can grab and hold your audience’s attention. This enables consumers to connect with their favorite brands and generate interest in the brands being advertised.

From Cinema8 and competitions to fun mini-games, interactivity is an effective way to interact. You get a handy awareness building tool to help your brand in the digital world by giving you a powerful and interactive post CTA.

Interactive post is also a way to get customer information like this interactive post video from Cinema8. Viewers answer questions about themselves. Then use this data to create coordinated after-sales communication that makes converting leads a lot easier than without them.

Wait, it gets better.

You can also use interactive post videos to find out how much your viewers know while watching it, and customize the rest of the content to suit your level of knowledge. The best personalized experience. The Learning Care Group did exactly the same for the video used to train its employees. The company used the video to get feedback on its employees. Ultimately, they managed to cut the training period for employees in half.

Excellent interactive post video marketing

The great thing about interactive post video is that it’s limited only by your imagination. You can really do anything.

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