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Is boarding school right for your child

Sending your child to boarding school is huge decision parents make in their life. So, it is significant to consider the benefits and drawbacks of boarding school completely. The most important point to keep in mind is that when a child is admitted to the boarding school, he will spend far more time at school than the normal day school. It will affect not only his academic progress but also his psychological and social development. Going to boarding school is a unique choice that will affect the long-term development of the child. That is why it is important to understand the implication of boarding school before sending your kid there.

Boarding schools consist of many types; for example, a day boarding school where the kid will spend the whole day at school and come home at night to sleep, weekly boarding school is a boarding school where your kids will spend all week there come home at the weekend. The last most extreme type is the boarding school, where your kid will stay in school until the end of the school term, which has a greater impact on your child development. Following are the few impacts of boarding school on your child.

Intensive amount of stress

Spending all the time at school can cause a serious amount of stress on children. It can result in panic attacks, eating disorders and a lack of attention towards their studies. And the absence of attention towards academic make them use online nursing assignment help uk to get help in their education. Obviously, it can happen inside day school too, but the feeling of being far from home and the pressure of exams and studies will have a greater impact than the normal school. Children will always feel in the school’s environment at the boarding school, even when they are not in the class.

Hidden Trauma

You are sending your children to boarding school at an early age, leaving behind the hidden trauma that affects the youngsters throughout their lives. The feeling of going far from home and the fear of living with strangers can affect the youngsters’ minds badly. They might encounter bullying, harassment in this new environment with no one to talk about. It will cause emotional stress while being far from their family. A small kid does not have the mental ability to bear this all alone. As a result, it will affect their development phase psychologically and physically.

Missing out the home life

The kid who goes to boarding school will be deprived of the home environment. And on holidays when he comes home, it will be hard for him to adjust. The teenagers may argue with their parents in small discussions. As they are used to the boarding environment, they will not like the absence of independence while being at the house. Spending more time at boarding can keep your child away from you physically and mentally. It will affect your relationship and bond with your child and your child’s relationship with his siblings. They might not share their goal, ambitions or their problems with you. You will also not know your child like what are his hobbies, interests and friends.

Sense of captivity

The kid is hostage, trapped in the circumstances imposed by others which he is powerless to change and thus going through stressing situation. Living in boarding means missing out on all the normal family events such as birthday parties, etc.  Boarding can be imprisonment for some children, where there are no loving relationships. Living with strangers become hard for some children to connect with them. There will also be nobody with whom they share their pain or take out their anger. When they can not express their anger, it will be eating them from inside and cause unbearable emotional distress.

More rules and less free time

Boarding schools always provide the school environment to the children. There will be additional academic and extracurricular activities that will keep children invested all the time, and they will not get free time for their personal interests and thoughts. There will be no time for personal reading, part-time work, and other significant development exercises available to the kids at home. Boarding school systems normally to keep their standard high have loads of rules and regulations, that is not possible for every child to keep up with them. And sometimes, they rebel against these rules. But clearly, it relies on the child’s nature and the type of boarding school.

Feeling of homelessness

Boarding school causes children to lose the feeling of being a part of a family. And it also creates homelessness feeling. When kids come back home from boarding, they act like strangers to their parents and siblings. It creates the psychological pattern of being alone and away from their loved ones. Boarding schools causes mentally spilt for children between school and home lives. It also affects the children in their future, and they struggle to have a long-term relationship with anyone.

Boarding school syndrome

Boarding school syndrome is the psychological term experienced by the adults who have spent their lives at boarding school during their childhood. It incorporates much emotional distress such as difficulty forming new relationships, depression, feeling alone, and emotional deadness. Boarding school syndrome is the long-term effect of living at the boarding school.

It is significant to inquire advantages and disadvantages of boarding school. And also important to understand the nature of your child. Before you eventually settle on a choice of letting your child go to boarding school. Also, consider your child’s age, and not admit the child to boarding school until he gets at the age of deciding for himself. Because it is important to know your child’s wish before opting for a boarding school for him, he will be living in an environment where he has to decide for himself whether in education or personal life matters. From all the reasons mentioned above, it is proved that boarding school is not right for every child. In an attempt to better education for their child, parents might end up destroying their child’s lives emotionally and mentally.

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